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Thread: RTW ... maybe they can fix the one thing..

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    Ever since Shogun, there's been (an admittably very small) graphical bug that's irked me quite a bit. But back then, the graphics in general were rather shoddy so on the whole it wasn't that bad. Then Medieval came around, the graphics got better, but still it remained unresolved. And now I've seen screenshots of RTW, and although everything looks really nice, it'S STILL there...
    What I'm talking about concerns the individual soldier animation being completely in sync with he rest of his unit. When they march or run, every single soldier in that unit will step at the same time, hold their weapon at the same angle, and basically look like a bunch of clone soldiers from Star Wars Ep2. And once again, in RTW, I see 60 guys going up a ladder with their shields in the same position, horses legs mirrored perfectly, lances the same direction and so on.
    How hard would it be to put a randomize on the frame sequences on the individual soldiers animations? Slide every third soldier 1 frame, every other third soldier back -1?
    In my opinion this small detail would make the armies move in a much more organic and less syncronized fashion and makes things more beleivable. I can understand soldiers to be orderly in a parade, but not on the battlefield.
    My other graphical quibbles, shadows on buildings and trees and more angles of animation on sprites no longer apply, happily, as the medium now is full 3d.
    And for those who would bother me woth "gameplay over graphics", don't bother, CA has excelled in this department in all their titles and I don't think they'll drop the ball this time either...

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    dude i cant agree with you more i would like them to make a really good battle game but with clone soldiers it justs looks stupid. maybe they need some help from peter jackson and WETA. it would be so cool to have at least a little individual movements for the units, it would make rtw so much better. imp
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    yeah if you check the the frames of the animations its alot harder then u think to change what u are saying,
    but yes i agree it is annoying watching everyone doing the same thing and i read that each unit fight inderviduly so maybe it might finally change
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    Yes, the "clones" are not looking too good... But it was done to conserve the CPU cycles. With the move to full 3D I cannot imagine what machine will you need if you want to have some variety among the troops.

    Beter luck next time, but I would not count on it too much

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    okay someone's already mentioned this, either in the wishlist thread or previous.


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