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Thread: EBII 2.3 crash during battle

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    Default EBII 2.3 crash during battle

    Hi everyone,

    I am not hugely technical but can follow instructions.

    I am playing EBII v2.3. I did a clean installation of Medieval II and Kingdoms and followed the installation instructions for EBII 2.3 to the letter ie I picked an installation directory outside of Program Files / Program Files (x86) etc.

    I just started a Pontus campaign and the game crashes in the middle of my first battle. This has happened twice.

    I get the message Unspecified Error. Please compress your error log in a zip format and upload it on the EBII technical help forum. Is the log needed, and where can I find it?

    I have also run the Program Compatibility Troubleshooter on medieval2.exe (which ran OK when I tested it after applying the troubleshooter) and kingdoms.exe (which didn't). After that the game crashed again during the battle like before. Before the battle the campaign seemed to be running OK. I am able to start Kingdoms campaigns from the shortcuts (haven't tried playing battles).

    Any help much appreciated.

    64-bit Windows 10 PC non-Steam install, 32GB RAM, running windowed, borderless. Could this be a memory problem?

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    Default Re: EBII 2.3 crash during battle

    The log is in mods\ebii\logs\

    If it's memory issues, get Large Address Aware (a generic compiler flag) which will allow the game to use up to 4GB RAM instead of the default 2GB.

    Have you set your kingdoms.exe to run as Administrator?
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    Default Re: EBII 2.3 crash during battle

    I had a similar problem. There was no entry in the log (just the unspecified error window)
    The solution was to set the kingdom.exe to LargeAddressAware.
    This requires a utility to change the corresponding flag inside the kingdom.exe which can be problematic regarding copyright laws.
    Some countries' laws allow the altering of programs to ensure compatibility.
    Has anyone ever asked CA to specifically allow it?
    The memory problems were there since TW: Rome 1. They could all be solved using LAA (on 64Bit OSs; on 32Bit versions an additional modification to the OS was required)

    Look at this (the NEW - entry)
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    Default Re: EBII 2.3 crash during battle

    Seems to be working! Thank you very much to you both!


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