Iím playing through several of the arcade games at
and have two issues with them.

First I have the problem that in some games the control with the mouse stops or the browser window shifts once the cursor is moved outside the borders of the arcade game windows - resulting in some untimely deaths in those games. I know that the size of the windows can be enlarged but even if I use e.g. 300% the game windows does not fit exactly the screensize and the loss of control can still happen.
Is there a way to start and play the arcadegames fullscreen to avoid that problem?
The Stronghold-Forum
offers something like that with the option "Neues Fenster" (new window) for starting every game.

And second there are several games that donít work as they should, e.g. not saving a highscore, not transmitting the score to the forum.
Is there somebody or someplace where those can be reported to made compatible with the forum or to be removed?