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    Default Roma Elections

    After reading the EB2.3 Player Guide I have a question about Roman elections in the game. In the section labeled 'The Cursus Honourum,' it states that elections are held every two years in winter in Roma. That means that my family member must end his Autumnus turn IN Roma and spend the following turn (winter) in Roma, correct? As a follow on question: are the first elections in a new campaign held in the second winter turn after you begin?
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    Citing directly from the EDCT the trigger to fire the Consul office:

    Trigger Elected_As_Consul_Regular
      WhenToTest CharacterTurnEndInSettlement
      Condition FactionType f_rome
            and I_EventCounter ecWinter = 1
            and SettlementName sett_040
            and CharacterAge > 39
            and Trait RomanRank > 3
            and Trait InOffice < 1
            and Trait Consul = 1
            and RandomPercent < 40
      Affects Consul  1  Chance  100
      Affects InOffice  1  Chance  100
    Nothing is mentioned about the remaining Movement Points, so I think family members can arrive in winter as well. If I remember correctly, during the first winter since the start of the campaign no elections are held.

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