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Thread: Keep getting message to "upgrade" to windows 98/2000

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    Default Keep getting message to "upgrade" to windows 98/2000

    Seems to happen randomly. Looks like this.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Default Re: Keep getting message to "upgrade" to windows 98/2000

    Happens when I go to start the game. I have windows 8 and my install is outside of program files. I don't understand.

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    Default Re: Keep getting message to "upgrade" to windows 98/2000

    Do you use the steam version of M2TW or the "old" version, that came on CDs?
    The CD based one requires copy protection drivers, that are no longer available. Perhaps that is the problem.
    Which version of M2TW and Kingdoms Espansion do you have installed? You have to install the latest patches.
    Does M2TW itself work? Do the expansions work (Britannia etc)?
    Run the program as administrator.
    Set compatibility in properties to windows 7.
    Look here:

    Dump windows 8.
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    Default Re: Keep getting message to "upgrade" to windows 98/2000

    I've just had the same experience for the first time today (i.e. the message Robo shows in the first post). I'm using Windows 10 and have been playing EB2 happily, so it was a big surprise this morning. My suspicion is that something has changed in Win10 overnight? Problem recurred several times after restarts.

    Anyone else had this pop-up suddenly start appearing?

    I've set kingdoms and medieval2 executables to Win7 compatibility/run as administrator, and that seems to have stopped it, but I'm now getting crashes in the first turn... usually it would be 20+ turns... think I need to look at Large Address Aware.


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