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Thread: Any latest recruitment viewer?

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    Default Any latest recruitment viewer?

    After 13 years, EB is the oldest game I keep coming back to (although Skyrim is also contending for that title EB has a 7 year headstart).

    However, with the new versions (I'm playing 1.2x as I don't have Alexander), I note that some recruitment areas have changed from the ones I memorised from EB 1.2. For example, Thraikioi Hippeis are no longer recruitable by Romani regional MICs so suddenly I'm short of decent cavalry in the Near East and have to ship Brihentin all the way across Europe. Had been kinda counting on having better cavalry than Hippeis...Will I find that Galatikoi Lavotuxri have been taken away too, when I take Ancyra (not going to for now as I don't want to start a war with Pontos my ally)?

    Last I remembered, the only recruitment viewer was the one based on Arkatreides' unit cards and that is no longer being updated. Question is, will there ever be an updated version of the recruitment viewer? It'd be so handy. Right now I'm having to find out what a particular province can produce by using add_money + process_cq which is rather tedious.

    Thanks for keeping the fire burning guys. I'm still here.
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