New patron Grothgar is proposing to adapt a game form used in other games to MTW. It is a clever way of getting a multi-player type experience out of the SP campaign - strategic level only. Here is a snippet of his introduction of the game:

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Having been a big fan of Europa Universalis, EU2 and Hearts of Iron (all paradox games) i was a big lurker around the forums and one of the most regular sub forums i visited was the After Action Report (AAR) forums. For those that dont know, this is where people played their games and then wrote down what happened in a varying amoutn of styles.

One of my favourite parts was the interactive AAR's where the other members of the forum would become characters in the game, and make decisions according to who/what they were and it seems to me that this can be easily transferred to the Medieval World. I mean its turn based, the battles are easily saved for people to view, so im going to give it a try.
For more information, please check this thread in the Entrance Hall: Interactive Game of MTW