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Thread: Medieval TW2 won't launch in Windows 7

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    Default Medieval TW2 won't launch in Windows 7

    Long time lurker, first time trying to play on this particular laptop.

    I bought MTW2 way back when and played on another laptop - Win Vista. I'm currently unable to launch the game in Windows 7.

    Current Status
    -Original CDs (1 & 2) with CD Key
    -Trying to run in Windows XP Service pack 2 (compatibility mode)
    -When executing medieval2.exe as administrator, the cursor spins for a second or two and stops - no further actions
    -I've verified System, Admin, and users have full control in security
    -Tried disabling UAC (lowering bar all the way, restarting, re-installing) - to no avail.

    This is my utter last attempt at being able to play this game. Lots of nostalgia here. I've heard no less than awful things about the Steam DL of the game with launch issues, so I'm attempting to avoid the $19.99 buy.

    Please MTW2 Gods.. Help a desperate soul.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: Medieval TW2 won't launch in Windows 7

    I've installing Medieval 2 Total War succesfully without problems on Windows 7 on PC
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