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Thread: down to 20 bucks

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    Default down to 20 bucks

    I can't resist a bargain, going to pick up TW:Warhammer for $20 on Steam and give it a go

    Looks like the WarHammer games didn't catch on here, I think I understand why

    At any rate, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year's to all of the Org, its amazing that this place is still around 15 years (or more?) later
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    Default Re: down to 20 bucks

    Hello ichi! Glad to see you back. I got my copy free with the purchase of a graphics card, but $20 is pretty good. I've dabbled a little with the game, but I've let my unfamiliarity with the lore and all the unusual (magic) features intimidate me...that, and an unhealthy addiction to another sandbox game (when do they end?!)
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    Default Re: down to 20 bucks

    I got it on a special too, and I did not regret it.

    The game is really fun and they have done an amazing job recreating the Warhammer Universe!

    On my second campaign now with Bretonnia.

    I am waiting for more specials to grab some DLC, 20$ for the Wood elves etc it very high in my opinion to make a faction playable...LOL

    Once War2 goes down I'll grab that too to have access to the complete Map and also High Elves etc :)

    I am a fan of Warhammer universe, and a table top Gamer too. Both Fantasy and 40K. Space Marines etc.

    Total war is the best platform to make all these come alive :)

    Great Engine too.
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