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Thread: hello i like rome total war

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    Default hello i like rome total war

    hello i am a rome total war fan here are some screenshots from my game as brutii
    right now i am in a civil war with the other roman factions and i conquered rome and destroyed the spqr but i still have to defeat the julii and scipii




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    Default Re: hello i like rome total war

    Welcome to the .org and Merry Christmas!

    Once you are done with the basic game, check out some of the Mods, especially those using the Mundus Magnus map.
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    Default Re: hello i like rome total war

    thanks i will check that mod i also have the arthurian total war mod where i play as romano-british and i beat the saxon invaders lets hope that 2018 will be a good year for all of us

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    Default Re: hello i like rome total war

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    Default Re: hello i like rome total war

    Quote Originally Posted by AngelLuisMaximus View Post
    hello i am a rome total war fan

    My favorite mod is Europa Barbarorum. Then again, I have only played one other mod, so what do I know?
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