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Thread: Realm Divide? No problem!

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    Default Realm Divide? No problem!

    As Chosokabe I had done the usual, conquering Shikaku and Kyushu islands before building up with 5 of the trade nodes. Next I did what I hope is unusual. I was going to invade the western end of the main island occupied by Mori clan. So I chose the three largest remaining clans as trade partners and built up friendly relations. Prior to the invasion, I made these my allies. Two were allied with Mori, so I paid each 5000 koku to break this alliance. The turn I declared war, I paid my allies once again 5000 koku each to join. Date now had +240 and the other two allies well over +100 for a useful relations of "Very Friendly". Two turns later, I hit RD. Relations soon fell about 100 points. Having done the build up well, I quickly captured enough provinces to win the short game. I paid each ally 1000 koku for 5 turns. This kept Date Friendly and the other two Indifferent. Finally, I captured Kyoto and won. If I choose to continue, I have secured the western end of Japan with +17 Food. Seven stacks hold the Capital, as well as the bottlenecks at the bridges into the east and the narrow pass to the north. So I am poised to take the rest of Japan. The best part is that I did all this and the back of my armor has no stab marks.
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