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Thread: Are certain General-related triggers hard-coded?

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    Default Are certain General-related triggers hard-coded?

    Hello all.

    [For Rome Total War: Gold Edition -- ]

    My question is whether some of the triggers related to Generals are hard-coded? For instance, I was thinking about changing the age at which family Generals stop having children (increasing it from 50 to 55, for example) but I'm not sure I know where I should be looking; I've perused through the Data folder but nothing jumps out at me, in terms of where I might find that specific value. I've also browsed threads over the web, but other than some talk about editing names, traits, starting characteristics, etc., there's nothing that I can find on how I actually modify either General triggers, or Generals themselves (if I could edit individual ages that might be fine, but as far as I know this is not possible without save-game editing?).

    I know how to edit traits and ancillary triggers, but I guess my question can be summarized as how (or if) I can modify any other triggers?

    Thanks for any and all replies.

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    My question is whether some of the triggers related to Generals are hard-coded?

    it's been a long while since i tried this but iirc the data structure for generals is detailed somewhere in the documentation e.g. age but you can't access most of it directly, including age. you can track the age of generals who "come of age" with a trait as you know they start at 16 but you can't know the age of adopted generals or generals by marriage. the only way i could imagine doing what you want is via probability i.e. give a low chance of gaining points in the "infertile" trait to all generals each turn.
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    Hey, thanks for the reply, nikolai1962. If you ever recall anything else (where this sort of data is mostly to be found, what else might be accessible related to generals, etc.) drop me a line. I'll keep perusing, but I appreciate it very much. Thanks, again.

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    CA released a set of documents which mention the data structures passed to the various triggers (link in this thread)

    with entries like

    Identifier: PreBattle
    Event: When a battle is about to start
    Exports: nc_character_record, character_record, faction, region_id, character_type
    Class: ET_PRE_BATTLE
    Author: Lee
    data structures like "character_record" are passed to the triggers which probably contains age and some of the data passed is accessible inside the trigger but i don't think anyone ever figured out how to access age (if it's possible - which it might not be).

    reading through the files can give you a good idea of what would potentially be possible but either not all the internal data is accessible or no one has figured out how yet (and a lot of people tried).
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