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Thread: R.I.P. Ursula K. LeGuin

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    Default R.I.P. Ursula K. LeGuin

    Science fiction writer, translator, feminist, scholar,...1929 to the present.

    I am embarrassed to say that while I read (and loved) Left Hand of Darkness, The Dispossessed and The Lathe of Heaven, it was so long ago I can't remember much about any of them Have to re-read them I guess.
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    Default Re: R.I.P. Ursula K. LeGuin


    Not only a wonderful writer, but spawned an entire coterie of good sci-fi and fantasy writers in the Pac NW.
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    Default Re: R.I.P. Ursula K. LeGuin

    I watched the "Lathe of Heaven" back in 1980 on PBS. The alien looked like a cross between an upright turtle and a lamp post. An amazing image I've never forgotten.

    The writing style of "set on a planet where the customary gender distinctions do not apply" must have been novel a half century ago, but I would hope that at least the West has grown beyond that. The initial military column to cross into Iraqi territory in the First Gulf War was led by a female Military Police lieutenant. I served under three female commanders who were excellent officers. Thankfully, our women leaders no longer reside only in fiction.
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