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Thread: Game crashes while loading a save

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    Default Game crashes while loading a save

    Hi folks,
    as the thread title says my game crashes while loading a saved game. It happens not only to this special save game it happens to everyone except my new campaign i started to test if i can reload this.

    I am playing 2.3 on Windows 10 with a non-steam version of the game. I have a fixed exe to get rid of the copy protection because otherwise i could not start the game. The exe is also possible to use 4GB RAM.

    Because this is my first post on this forum i have an external download link for the log:

    Edit: I started another game as Epeiros and the same error occured while the turn for the other factions was calculated. The game crashed when the Lusotannis were calculated. When i killed the faction via console command the game did not crash while calculating the turn.
    Log: eb.system.log.txt
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    Default Re: Game crashes while loading a save

    Sounds like a corrupted save, I'm afraid.

    You haven't re-enabled autosave, have you?
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