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Thread: Someone kindly bring me up to speed

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    Default Someone kindly bring me up to speed

    Guys, in barely 2 years time there have been several TW games in this setting. If I were to start with one, where should that be? The most recent second installment? It kind of seems to me the devs are churning out stand alone games that bring basically just expansion/dlc features at most. Is there any difference between TW:WH 1 and 2?
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    I enjoyed the Grand campaign more in the first Warhammer compared to "The vortex" campaign that you get from the 2nd, I don't like the ways the rituals work with stacks spawning randomly, ambushing your towns and such. You get a bigger grand campaign if you have both games which is always nice.

    Of course there's the obvious differences in races available


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