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Thread: STEAM & MTW .. What are the Advantages using Steam ? ....

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    Default STEAM & MTW .. What are the Advantages using Steam ? ....

    Hello guys ...

    I know of steam but have done nothing with it or used it ...

    What are the advantages of using Steam to play MTW & the Mods we have ?
    Any information is most welcome .


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    Default Re: STEAM & MTW .. What are the Advantages using Steam ? ....

    Seems relevant:

    It's my understanding that the steam version of the game is a patched executable with some bug fixes and better support for newer directX.

    It's a pity that those of us who already paid for the game and the expansion when it was first released, have effectively been shafted - and were told no, never, no way, "legal implications", etc when we asked for patches over the last 15 or so years since the "final" VI patch.

    As one of those who already bought the game and expansion when first released, I don't intend to pay again for a patch for a 16 year old game, nor install the steam crapware in the first place.

    Luckily, I have an "always offline" MS Windows XP installation on older hardware which I can use for this purpose. (My primary OS isn't MS Windows).


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