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Thread: Roman units, culture and buildings to a barbarian faction

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    Default Roman units, culture and buildings to a barbarian faction

    Hey guys, I need you big time.
    First of all I'm a noob at modding, and I still play RTW 1.
    What I want to do in RTW is to take a barbarian faction (for example Dacia), and customize it with roman culture, units and buildings.
    I want to build roman buildings, roman temples (doesn't matter witch faction), roman units, and the rest shall remain unchanged.
    I tried the past 3 days to do it, and I'm now more confused on how to do it than when I started.
    I know that for some of you it's a piece of cake, and I would apreciate if some of you could do it for me or could direct me to some clear tutorials.
    I searched the forum back and forth for such a tutorial, but couldn't find a exact one, and the related ones just confused me even more.
    Hope someone see this post and has a solution,
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    Lightbulb Re: Roman units, culture and buildings to a barbarian faction

    Hello calindamian, welcome to the .Org !

    All our guides relating to R:TW modding can be found in the Scriptorium and subforums. However, I am afraid our modding fora are barely used nowadays, so for any queries you are probably best off going to the Total War Center, as their R:TW1 modding forumis still active.
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