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Thread: About comerce and tradeable goods!

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    Lightbulb About comerce and tradeable goods!

    Hi guys, I have a little idea I would like to share with you.

    I played Europa Universalis for a long time, and as some of you might already know, there is a mechanic in that game that gives you a little buff when you get access to an economic source in particular. For example, having access to iron makes training cheaper, or wheat gives a population growth bonus, etc.

    If you think about it, this is kinda accurate, since there is real pull to control certain resources, aside from the monetary value they have. For example, the roman senator Cicero, had much more influence in politics because he had the sicilian wheat farmers on his side, wich where the ones that gave the biggest grain supply on that time.

    So, I was wondering if we could give buffs to the governors that rule in regions that have this resources, so having control over them actually mathers, rather than just caring about how much money do they give.

    This (Im just suggesting) could come in two sources, as a follower, or as a character trait.

    The first will give aid to the character wherever it goes, and can be either a purchase, or a an actual person. Can be a character just passing by the settlement, and not an actual governor. For example, a place that trades livestock can give oxen and mules that make travelling easier, increasing movement and morale of the army, if the character is sharp, and smart enough to purchase them (this could be later gifted to other person). Or a region that has wildlife could make the chances that a hunter will follow you who increases line of sight, if the character is charismatic enough.

    The second comes directly to governors who have control over those resources. Just like the "Attuned governor" buff. Having slaves makes construction easier, timber makes ships cheaper, iron with heavy infantry, horses with cavalry, so you have to keep in mind wich resources you have in the region in order to plan wich kind of builings are the most efficient ones, wich is a lot more immersive. This, rather to follow the character, is a condition of the region itself, so, if the governor leaves, he will lose this buff (just like the "attuned governor")

    Sounds good? :D

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    It's not a bad idea, IMO, although the grain resource already gives pop growth, so theres no need of that. The problem is a lack of manpower in the traits dept.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Genghis Skhan View Post
    It's not a bad idea, IMO, although the grain resource already gives pop growth.
    Didnt had a clue. How do you realized this?


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