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    Hi all!

    In the last months I noticed with pleasure how the multiplayer environment of EB has started to live again. Some players come back and some others join for the first time: the activity is encouraging, and team battles are again being fought.

    However, of course there aren't as many players as in the golden days: this means a slower increase in ability and almost no possibility of relying on the experience of old experts. For this reason, I felt there was a need to introduce something new, and so Europa Barbarorum Multiplayer, aka a blog for EB MP, was born.

    I copypaste from my introduction.

    Nowadays the resources for knowing how to play and getting a good grip on the subtle and hidden mechanisms of the game are scattered on different websites: the Org, Total War Center, EB Multiplayer. My purpose would be to guarantee to each visitor a complete experience. Other than the possibility to find installation files for EB, the updates on the blog will also lead to faction-oriented guides and articles about tactics; another important feature will be a collection of replays with a related commentary, so that one can also take a first-hand look at different battles. There is a large number of possibilities to explore and exploit: I hope this approach can be helpful for every kind of player.
    I already posted two articles, one about guard mode (basing the discussion on a thread here on the Org) and one about the differences between large and huge scale: more are coming in the future. The same for the replays: there are already some, and more are going to be uploaded soon.

    Furthermore, Aeneas/Vlixes/Quetzalcoatl recently started uploading commentaries to battles on his YouTube channel. If you're interested, go and check them out: there's plenty to learn from his solid commentaries. And, just like I said for the blog, more content is coming.

    If you're interested in joining us online to enjoy this 10+ years old, but still thrilling and wonderful, game be sure to be enlisted in the Steam group. We can't stress enough how the most important part of the game is the community behind it, and if you'd like to be part of it you're more than welcome.


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