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Thread: CPU Bottleneck / Overheating

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    Default Re: CPU Bottleneck / Overheating

    Quote Originally Posted by edyzmedieval View Post
    Cortana ate up 1 GB of my RAM... deactivated Cortana, suddenly my COD works almost perf.
    Nice find!
    I don't have a gaming PC on Win10, but I always recommend auditing Windows10 privacy settings to people who do use it- a step of which is turning off Cortana.
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    Default Re: CPU Bottleneck / Overheating

    I've got my Cortana turned on on purpose, just so I can give all my privacy to Microsoft and make Google jealous.

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    Default Re: CPU Bottleneck / Overheating

    There's a lot of weird things starting up when I boot Windows, have to check all of them to see which ones are ok to cut.
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