Hi fellow M:TW fans,

I used to play this game (multiplayer) from release through 2005. It was perhaps the most fun I've ever had playing a game. I recall great games on Bulgaria, which was always my favourite map, and the drastic change in the metagame when players found out about the cavalry tactic we used to call "swiping". I remember the likes of WK clan, Don clan (which I was in), Rage which were a bunch of trolls but they were okay at the game, and the days where we actually had 100+ players online any given night.

I still think it is one of the better multiplayer strategy games ever developed; I remember thinking R:TW was a joke by comparison (although that one had great single player) and like most people who switched over at the time I just ended up coming back to M:TW.

So I really, really want to play it again. I understand there's a Steam version now. Is multiplayer supported there? Does anyone play it? Is it at all possible to play MP on Windows 10?

This forum seems rather inactive, but it's worth a shot