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    I've tried using some Artillery along with Tercio Pikemen as Spain before,and I seem to struggle hard against the French. My idea was to make about 6 of my ranked-up Jinettes,6 Tercio Pikemen and a lot of Musketeers and shoot them to pieces,along with continual harassing action by my Jinettes,but when they are fielding a lot of Dismounted Knights,they don 't seem to drop as quickly as I'd like them to. Any tips on how to make them drop before they hack my formation to pieces? I've tried employing Javelins against them with some success but they seem to run out of ammunition quicker than I'd like.

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    Don't use artillery in general in Medieval 2. They're not that useful, they misfire and don't hit properly - use musketeers or if you want super long range, hire some mercenary longbowmen or employ onagers.
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    Interesting. I always had two cannons once available in my field armies precisely because they were much longer range then anything else and would usually take out leaders and non-cannon artillery (like the horribly inaccurate onagers) easily. I didn't find them very useful against ground troops, though. Sure, the earliest cannons are very inaccurate but the later ones seemed great to me. Onagers? Man, I was afraid to use them as they killed as many of my men as the enemy.


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