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Thread: XGM in Steam

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    Default XGM in Steam

    Greetings All. Wow, it looks like it has been a long time since anybody has posted in XGM and that is really sad. I actually preferred it over the standard RTW or Barbarian Invasion.

    My question is, would there be a way to install XGM under Steam?

    Hope to hear from somebody about it. Best to all of you in the meantime

    Celt Centurion

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    Hi Celt Centurion and sorry for the late response.Most probably you have the folder of your R:TW in steam and put the XGM folder in there.After you go into your steam library right click in R:TW and go to properties and there is 2 options.In one of these 2 you must enter a command line to play the mod.The problem is i dont remember what you must enter.


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