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Thread: Hello World of War!

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    Default Hello World of War!

    hello there everyone, I'm new and interested in learning politics by using total war games.
    having some experience in Command and Conquer, AOE and some other games I considered starting with shogun 2 would be great,
    it's been like three months playing single player daily before I decided to ask for help. the game looks very complicated with trade and battles,
    if that would be possible I would like to get introduced to some tactical guides and so forth.
    any helpful tips are appreciated.

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    Default Re: Hello World of War!

    Hello Alaa, nice to see you. :)

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    Default Re: Hello World of War!

    Hello Alaa,

    Shogun 2 seems like one of the better titles of the series. It really depends on your level of play, your preferred tactics and where you face most of the challenges. Please note that diplomacy and agents can certainly change the flow of a campaign and make the Realm Divide a cake walk. Cavalry (even the weakest light cavalry) is an excellent general killer, especially in siege battles. But then again, this is my personal preference and I digress.

    Here is the section with the TW:S2 guides.

    I strongly advise you to start with frogbeastegg's guide as it covers the basics of this game, gives good advice and basic units information. You can have a look. The forum seems quite quiet recently but if a question pops up there will be always people ready to answer.
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