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Thread: EB new EDU for multiplayer (4.0): suggestions and ideas thread

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    Default EB new EDU for multiplayer (4.0): suggestions and ideas thread

    Hello to all the fellow EBers!

    It's been quite a long time since the old 3.4 EDU (export_descr_units.txt, the file where all the units stats are written) has been used. The large amount of time this EDU lasted witnesses the excellent work that was done by its creators in balancing some of the most difficult aspects in the game with elegance and intelligence.

    However, some mistakes here and there are degrading the overall beauty of the creation. Of course they are unintentional mistakes for the most part, but yet their presence is hindering the possibility of fully enjoying a balanced environment for EB online battles. From this idea I started planning some changes for a new release of the EDU with amendments and corrections.

    I don't want to start from scratch and completely overhaul the EDU: however I'm starting to consider some rather important changes, like a revision of the slingers or certain units availability for some factions. Therefore the desire of keeping the overall structure of the EDU intact does not rule out the possibility of reworking some mechanics.

    For this reason I'd like to hear the opinion of the community.

    What would you like to change in the current EDU? And, more importantly, why?
    Are there some suggestions that can improve the game while maintaining historicity? How would you implement them?

    Time to throw out ideas!

    EDIT: it's not necessary to be an online player to contribute. If you're a single player aficionado, I'd love to hear your opinion too.
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    Default Re: EB new EDU for multiplayer (4.0): suggestions and ideas thread

    Here are some discrepancies in the game and some points I'd like to make. Granted, balancing a multiplayer game is difficult and there isn't one right way in doing it.

    1. Effective Against Cavalry Trait in only some Light Cavalry (Javelin)
    2. Javelin Skirmishers need higher Missile Attack

    1. Cantribrian Cavalry, Numidian Light Cavalry and Numidian Nobles have the Effective against cavalry trait. This makes them lethal cavalry killers. Other javelin cavalry don't have this trait though and this anti-cavalry trait make these units cost-effective cavalry killers.
    If there is any justification for this, I'd like to hear it. One that I can think of is that the Cantabrian horsemen is one of the few cavalry for the Lusitanians and this is to buff that faction due to lack of unit variety.

    2. A lot of tier 1 javelin skirmishers have a missile attack values of 6 ( e.g. Hellenic Skirmishers, Iberian Velites, Numidian Skirmishers). Archers can have a missile value of 5 or 6. I would pick a unit of archers over a unit of skirmishers for the same cost because archers have more ammo for a similar attack value. Granted, skirmishers have more men in the unit which gives a bigger volley but 6 volleys for little effect against heavily armored units isn't worth it.
    Not only that some light javelin cavalry have a base missile attack of 10 (e.g. Cantibrian Cavalry, Dacian Light Cavalry, Numdian Cavalry, etc.)! Granted, cavalry cost more so this would help offset the cost. However, with such low amount of volleys, basic foot skirmishers should have a higher missile attack to compensate for this. I would say a base of 7 or 8 would do. I'm in the opinion that some casualties should occur from javelin skirmishers throwing at heavy infantry from the front. Other due to volume, higher missile attack or both. The lack of ammo can make them useless afterwards but I guess that should be expected for ~850 Minai skirmishers.

    I'm interested in hearing any comments for the points I've given.

    Some things to look out for when balancing a unit:
    • How available is this unit to other factions.
    • The cost of this unit should determine what you get for it.
    • Why would a person pick this unit over another one?
    • Does changing this unit change the balance of the factions it is available?
    • Anyway to make Sabeans playable/competitive?
    • Since this is EB, will historical accuracy be a bigger concern than say "fun"?
    • How will balancing these units relate to the Fair Play rules being followed by the community?
    • If this unit is say... 10% above the powercurse/cost, does it have a counter?
      (One example I saw was a line of Celtic Levy Spearmen on guard mode holding against Iberian Assault Infantry. The numbers and lack of armor of the Celtic Levies made them suitable line holders against a much more expensive unit which was designed against other heavy infantry)

    Just some things to look out for. Interested in hearing more about this.


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