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Thread: Is vanilla Rome II multiplayer any good?

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    Default Is vanilla Rome II multiplayer any good?

    I just finished my first multiplayer campaign and it was a complete mess...
    A friend of mine recommended me "devide et impera" mod and I am hesitant to start using it. He even wrote a blog post about it.
    Can you give any feedback on that?

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    Default Re: Is vanilla Rome II multiplayer any good?

    Never tried it sorry, actually a bit surprised it exists honestly.

    I think I remember messing with it back in MTW2 maybe? Thought they dropped it subsequently.

    In Empire there was option to call in ppl off the Steam Friends list to play as enemy instead of the AI in your single player campaigns, which was a really cool idea but I don't think was widely used, I think I tried it once.
    maybe those guys should be doing something more useful...

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