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Thread: Europa Barbarorum streaming on Twitch

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    Default Europa Barbarorum streaming on Twitch

    Hello everyone!

    Since some players manifested their interest in this project, I'm finally announcing it.

    I opened a Twitch account where I plan to broadcast EB-related stuff.

    My Twitch channel

    There are already two videos, one of which is one EB1 battle from a live perspective. I'm planning to add way more content, though, so below you can find a small summary.

    What I'll do: commentaries over replays, faction- or unit-specific guides, also live commentaries on future tournament battles if I get the chance.

    What I won't do: single player campaign. As much as I love EB1, I find the CAI and BAI too broken and I get bored quickly.

    What I'll probably do: history-driven series of battles. A sort of mini-campaign without proper strategical map, just a series of encounters. Still, the outcome of each battle would influence how the subsequent one plays out, just as if they're interlinked by cause-effect relationships. I'm thinking about the Punic Wars, for instance, but the possibilities are unlimited!

    I'm starting the first stream this Sunday, at around 10 a.m. CST. If you want to have a look at some multiplayer fun, check it out! I also appreciate a lot external input, so if suggestions about what you would like to see come flying around I'd be glad to hear/read them.

    Hope I'll see you on Sunday then!
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    Default Re: Europa Barbarorum streaming on Twitch

    First stream done today. Unfortunately the audio quality sucks, since OBS had the wrong settings and I was recording with my laptop mic instead of the dedicated one. I'm sure my next videos are going to be better.

    I'll see if I can stream next Sunday around the same hour: if I do, I'll certainly drop an update here.

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    Default Re: Europa Barbarorum streaming on Twitch

    After a long hiatus, the stream is coming back. Hoping to give a better performance this time

    The day is going to be Sunday the 28th. I'm going to start around 15:00 CST/ 21:00 GMT.
    Streaming some more recorded games, but with a specific focus (e.g. good and bad use of elephants) instead of broad overviews.


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