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Thread: Warhammer Total War 3 Votes/Survey

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    Question Warhammer Total War 3 Votes/Survey

    Basically i've hunted down ideas/speculations and content around forums, youtube etc. to construct a vote form that contains most of the wishes the players want in a future Warhammer Total War III .
    Just to be clear i don't share all ideas and suggestions i just gathered (Most of them) into a vote page.
    if something should be unclear please let me know.
    (Also : Warning: There will be grammar and spelling failures)
    I'm glad to see so many have participated in the survey (970+) so far.
    Thank you!

    Are there any questions you would like to be in the survey or you feel is missing from it?
    If so feel free to contact me or post a comment.

    Links. > To Survey
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    Default Re: Warhammer Total War 3 Votes/Survey

    Welcome to the Org, Atharol! Thanks for putting together such a comprehensive survey. I really like the last question in each section where you ask which of the preceding features is most important to the survey taker.
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    Default Re: Warhammer Total War 3 Votes/Survey

    Thank you! i also tried to explain as much as possible of the questions with pictures, to avoid confusion.
    But i most say that the communities answers so far are quite fascinating, for example the
    "More options in the diplomacy window" is supported by almost 90% of the players. (With 1000+ participant so far)
    And only 20% are against naval combat in the campaign.
    If anyone are just interested in the results/data gathered so far just simply open up the link and
    replace the end "/viewform" to "/viewanalytics"

    And should anyone be interested, there is also a "Part 2" Survey from were you get directed after you send in the first one.
    Thank for helping out, i appreciate it very much!


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    Default Re: Warhammer Total War 3 Votes/Survey

    It has been established that a warhammer 3 is being made correct?
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