I see that they have the imperial edition and the collector's edition. The collector's edition is more expensive and seems to be the fullest package you can buy of Napoleon but I wanted to confirm that here first. The other thing is: Will all of these games, through steam, always be patched to their most recent point? There are so many different versions and DLC, I'm wondering if the patching really will be "plug and play" if I get into playing the TW games through there.

One last ? here: I see they sell a package (or used to?) that includes both Napoleon and Empire together. Is this worth it? It doesn't seem to have all the DLC that buying the best edition of either by itself has and I'd rather go that route if this is in fact true.

Thanks for the time. Playing a ton of Arena TW and will probably wind up digging into these campaign games far more than ever at this point in life. Looking forward to playing both past, present, and future Total Wars.