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Thread: Multiplayer Battle Campaign

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    Finally the winter ended and spring broke through the ice. When we returned to the camp, we were summoned to our Lord Clovis' tent. Next to him at the council table sat a man dressed in the Alaman fashion.

    "The messenger here is telling me the same thing our schouts have also reported. The big army sent from Rome is making preparations to cross the river Seine. They are three stacks strong. The Alamans have 1 stack at Argentoratum. We have 2 here in Treverorum."

    "If we agree to march out and meet the Romans at the Seine, the Alamans offer to join us. If we stay here and fortify Treverorum, the Alamans will fall back and the Romans may decide to attack Argentoratum first. This would give us time to repair the damaged walls of our city. But we would have to face the Romans on our own - whatever is left of their 3 stacks after they beat the Alamans. What is your council?"
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