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Thread: Introducing ourselves.

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    Default Introducing ourselves.

    The Great Conflicts 872-1071 mod is a project that aims to combine the game with education. That means that everything that this mod offers is entered the mod under extensive historical research. The mod is under development for almost 9 years now but we are in the pleasant situation to announce that the progress is now stable and thanks to the new “blood” in the TGC Fellowship (as fellowship see team) the mod has made 2 closed beta campaigns in its 0.9.04 patch. When the mod will reach its 0.9.9 patch we will announce and open beta phase that will allow us to locate issues that may have been out of our own eyes before the official release in TGC 1.0. The road is still long. We still need modders that could help us in scripting or better create some unique in battle settlements with the famous IWTE tool. In the next days we will add few faction previews and Videos to show to you what to expect. Inspiration for this mod was an old Medieval 2 Total War mod the famous “Medieval 2 Total Realism”. So that realism we try hard to bring in this mod too. The timeframe of the mod tries to fill a gap from the collapse of the Frankish Empire of Charlemagne to the battle of Matzikert that opened the path for the 1st Crusade few years later. If you have any experty that could speed up our release date then please contuct us.

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    Hey, there
    after many years i reactivate my old account
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    TGC...well worth the wait. Between this and Tsardoms, TW fans have not seen the best MTW2 has to offer.


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