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Thread: Of Vices and Virtues

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    I am currently playing a GA campaign as the English , and I just wanted to share some observations concerning the Vices and Virtues. I have been keeping track of how many different V & V I come across so far I have catalogged 47 to date and I must say some are interesting to say the least I have a few generals who are "Crack Brained" =which means he dances in moonbeams and paints his servants blue and sucks horseshoes LOL A few others of interest , Secret Murderer, Chinless Wonder =result of inbreeding, Killer instinct,Famously Brave,Utterly Fearless. The list goes on .Maybe if you read this, list some of your most interseting V&V
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    you can check all the vices and virtues in your game dir total war/loc/eng/changes

    i agree there are some that are quite hilarius and some which you never get..


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