I was playing M2TW as Papal States and when i reached the city of Arhus to conquer it, i got a bug named Runtime Error R6025 - Pure Virtual Function Call.

This happens every time i conquer the city. Even when i don't and decide to wait one more turn to see if the bug happens again, it does, stoping when the other factions are taking their moves.

Sometimes it shows the message displaying the error i mentioned, others the screen just freezes and it is impossible to take it out, unless turning the PC off.

Well the message also makes mention to C++ microsoft etc. I installed the new version. I saw some old threads in RTW about this error, and they recommend to reinstall .NET but i had the new version already. So this didn't worked for me. Some people talked about the graphic drivers but i don't understand much about it...

So i have an AMD Radeon R7, but there is already the R8 M535DX, but since this new one gave me problems in another game im still using the old one.

In the DXdiag (i also ran it) found no problems.

By these means i need all the help i can get to solve this one.