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    Playing Numidia, a set of circumstances meant that the Greek Cities had a massive Army on Cyprus (Kydonia) and TWO massive armies on Rhodes (phalanx including armoured hoplites). However with the fall of Pergamum they were apparantly heavily in debt and couldn't afford a ship to move them anywhere.

    Well, you obviously want to capture Rhodes for the sea trade bonus and Cyprus for its archers. But how to do it? Cavalry would be mince-meat and Desert Infantry was certainly not strong enough on a head to head.

    The plan was to send archers against Rhodes, fight the battle at a distance against the two large armies, kill whoever I could and then retreat back to the ship: rinse and repeat.

    On the first go, with sap points set, the minimal forces in the city sallied forth (together with large armies approaching). I breached the walls, put my archers up on them and killed numerous enemies by luring them within range, with minimal casualties. I was expecting to win the battle when time ran out as the defending side and occupy the city. The large army entered the city from the other side - so I could not win by occupying the centre square - but never managed to get close to the walls I was occupying.

    Declared result: DRAW.

    Having looked at the results, I pressed the continue key.

    The Greek ******* sallied forth AGAIN. With the same result (large losses) (I didn't need to do any sapping). Declared result: DRAW.

    This was annoying: but guess what?

    They sallied forth a third time. Again a draw. It was only on the fourth time that one of the large armies attacked me.

    I can only sally forth once:(

    That simply wasn't cricket.

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    Lightbulb Re: The prgramme Cheats

    That definitely sounds dodgy - it's been a long time since I played R:TW, but I do recall odd things occurring on the strategic map when multiple stacks are involved in a siege battle.

    That said, most if not all strategy games cheat to some extent, so that the A.I. opponents are competitive. R:TW is no exception - the game designers added at least 3 A.I. cheat mechanisms that I k. TBH, the situation you describe doesn't really sound like intentional cheating from the game designers (if it is, it's really counterproductive), but like a bug in the A.I. siege-defence coding.


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