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Thread: Why am I bad in tactics?

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    I once defeated a superior force by setting up my spear units (fSgts&cSgts) between buildings and stacking my whole crew inside that perimeter. The enemy couldn't get a good flank, must not be programmed to destroy buildings to gain an access, and their vastly superior ranged units mainly were soaked up by some trees and buildings.

    It was like one of those easy mountain defense maps where the no access zones allow you to make a wall of spears and pepper them with almost every volley from your crossbows. They just run around until there is a field of bodies to fertilize my mountain crops.

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    Having a wall of spears definitely helps, but crossbows are obligatory in order to back up your numbers. In the case of 16 units in a single battle, you can very much play with the pause left unchecked but you have to have good overall awareness to make sure that your orders are followed.

    And always micro manage cavalry.
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