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Thread: Naval artillery support

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    I recently read of a battle between the English and The Scots "The Battle at Pinkie Cleugh" in 1547 the main land force was supported by 80 warships the largest of which The Henry Grace a' Dieu carried 50 guns each with its own gun crew. Anchored in the Firth of Forth they were able to strike at the Scottish ground troops with amazing accuracy . I think this would be an interesting addition to be able to control the ship to attack land forces , where the water allowed .
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    1547 is well outside of the game's scope, and furthermore you are asking for mobile artillery, which the devs would have extreme difficulty in coding.
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    well maybe this happened in one battle waaaay outside of our time frame, but i mean come on this isnt d-day where ships sit off shore and provide support

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    okay i can see where this is going....right into the drink.
    so it's closed.

    an interesting history lesson, and perhaps better suited to the Monastery forum, where you won't get such a razzing.


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