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    Steve, Harold, Isabelle and Thomas were not nice people. Having formed their own gang of four in the first year at the Army Officers' Academy in Dresden, they were well known for their daring escapades and their institutionalised disrespect for authority. No department was safe from their prying eyes and as a result they were getting at least two educations into the theory, practice, strategy and tactics of warfare.

    "What are we to do with them?" asked the commander. "Raising a statue onto the roof of the building is one thing - but attaching a hosepipe to a certain area of the anatomy and turning it on, borders on insolence."

    "They are a menace and need to be cut short", said the SFX manager. "However, I have an idea. With your permission I can give them more warfare than even they can handle."

    That night, the fearless four met outside the SFX lab. Rumour of a brand new piece of equipment having arrived had swept through the Acadamy and they were itching to try it out. The door proved no obstacle to such delinquents and they began to search the lab. Eventually they arrived at a door with a new label on it: "TVR - RTW - Hazardous". Above the door, was written ""Lasciate ogne speranza, voi ch'intrate".

    "This must be it", said Steve, "Let's get in"

    Surprisingly the door was unlocked. On entering, four black couches, lay pointing away from some central complex of technical wizardry, and opposite them was a desk with a computer and screen. What looked like VR helmets were present, together with simple diagrams of someone lying on the couch with their head enclosed. Their curiosity piqued,the recruits decided to try them on. The dark, equipment gave no indication of power or capability and it was obvious that any subjects would be observed and monitored by technical staff on a 1:1 basis.

    Steve, Harold and Isabelle, lay on the couches and put on the helmets.Nothing happened.

    "Might be good for an extended sleep", said Harold.

    But when Thomas joined the trio things changed. Strong steel cords leapt from underneath the couches, pinning the cadets. They were suddenly aware that the VR helmets had been activated and they gazed around at snow-covered fields and pristine forests. The temperature dropped. In the distance could be heard screams and shouting.

    In front of them, writing appeared "Welcome to Germanji. Welcome to RTW".

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    The screams and shouting faded. The four dumbfounded students turned round to find the source, only to be confronted by a man in a leather jacket and trousers, carrying a spear. Behind him stood four score hairy men who, even from that distance were definitely in need of a bath. What was most interesting however, was that, other than a sword and shield, they appeared to be wearing nothing. Isabelle looked hard at them, speculatively.

    "Hail Mighty King, Hail Woden, Hail Freya, Hail Donar!" the man said.

    "Or shall we just call you Steve, Harold, Isabelle and Thomas?"

    "You know our names?" asked Steve.

    "Obviously! You four have great potential but are sorely lacking in discipline and the real meaning of war. We planted the rumours specifically for you. We allowed you easy access into the building, we allowed you to find your way to the maching. Didn't you think for one moment that brand new military equipment wouldn't have surveillance?"

    "Now to serious matters. Touch my spear."

    Steve moved forward. As he did so, the man lunged and the spear was embedded in Steve's arm. Steve screamed with pain as the point was pulled out.

    "It's only a flesh wound and here it will heal in due course. What you must remember is that your VR equipment is so sensitive to this world that you will feel all sensations - something to do with neural interception and transmission into the brain, I think. You see the landscape, you heard the yells of my soldiers, you smelt them, you felt the touch of the spear. But remember: if you fight and are injured - you will feel it. If you are tortured then you will scream. If you are killed then... well we think the machines can handle that situation a couple of times. You will black out and recover. The third time will probably overload the sensations in your brain - and fry it."

    "And now to more serious matters."

    "War is hell! Organisations fight for control militarilly and economically. Nothing is barred. At your training acadamy you sit there running simulations: you press a few buttons and are told '3000 troops, 6000 civilians were killed' and you then go away and have a cup of coffee. You have sanitised war. You fail to see the real effects of your decisions. Well this world will remove that veil. You will fight. You will command troops, you will decide on the best course of action - and you will see the results. You will hear the screams of soldiers as they lose limbs, you will see them running away, without hope and cut down. You will see, close up, soldiers burnt to death. You will see horses being hamstrung by chariots and listen to them in agony. You will witness the sack of cities, smell the smoke as the building burn, listen to the screams of the women and children as the conquerors take their spoils. Worst of all - you will do and order these things without pity or mercy in your over-riding need to be victorious"

    "War is hell. We want our troops to be aware of that. So that they understand what they may have to do: to be loath to start war, but be prepared to pursue it to the end, knowing the consequences of failure."

    "War is hell. To experience it first hand this VR world has been created. You are the guinea pigs. Survive, learn and win, and you will remain as members of the officer cadre. Chicken out - and you're back in civvy street - dishonourably discharged."

    "Before you choose, note that I will help guide you. But your decisions will be your own, and you will have to live with them."

    "This is the only time you will have the option. Choose."


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