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Thread: Is assassinate useful?

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    Default Is assassinate useful?

    So I trained assassinate and I found them not worthy. Do you use them frequently?

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    Default Re: Is assassinate useful?

    They need to be trained to become really useful, but it's nice to have a few high-valour assassins around. If just sitting in one of your provinces, they will counterspy, giving them a chance to catch spies and assassins of other factions. You can create spy traps with a port province, stock it with lots of spies/assassins and no Border Fort and you can get valour on your countering agents. You can also target low valour emissaries or bishops/alims that wander into your lands, just monitor them to make sure they don't wander off into enemy lands chasing their targets and getting picked of by Border Forts and opposing spies. A lot of it is hit-and-miss, but once you get 4-5 stars they have a better chance of survival outside your realm. The Rookery will recruit assassins with +3 valour, build one if you have a need.

    I don't really use them on enemy generals/leaders, the ones that you need/want to kill would require high level assassins for a decent chance. But they are nice to take out emissaries (bribing your armies), inquisitors (burning your generals), and religious agents (converting your population).
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    Default Re: Is assassinate useful?

    I use them pretty often. To try and kill the heirs of countries or any of the priest etc trying to change the religion of my land.

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