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Thread: Worth It?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vlad The Impaler View Post
    I'll try my luck even if this game dodged a lot of criticism.

    I am back to Total War series after a hiatus that started some months after Shogun II (beautifully crafted game), about 2012 or 2013. I started in 2000s with Shogun so I'll try every title of the franchise I skipped these years.
    Likewise.. I stopped playing in late 2013 and am now getting back into TW games. Been having a great time with Rome 2.. and dabbling with Attila. This game is definitely on my wish list..
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    One thing to note - ToB has some of the best siege battles in TW games. Huge variety of settlements and huge settlements too.
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    Speaking of ToB, the CA team is working on a new Saga project so expect a new mini-game historical next year.

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