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Thread: Announcement: Europa Barbarorum II 2.35 released!

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    Default Announcement: Europa Barbarorum II 2.35 released!

    Greetings fans of Europa Barbarorum!

    Once again, it's been a while since the last major release; indeed we'd intended this to be a "summer release", but it turns out it's closer to a Christmas release instead. Unlike professional games companies who are forced by arbitrary deadlines to drop a product regardless of how finished it is, we wanted to make sure this was a good one. The amount of playtesting and bugfixing that has gone into 2.35 dwarf that of 2.3 and earlier releases, so rest assured there will be no Day One patch. This is without doubt the most stable iteration of EBII we have ever released. We are confident that with a proper installation and doing your own research, you should have no problems finishing your campaign.

    As ever, we still expect people to find things that have been overlooked; while we have new tools and more internal playtesters, there are things we may have missed, or which need a longer play-through to appreciate the impact. Use this thread to report your feedback, if you have any bugs, use the appropriate subforum. If you feel inspired enough to do a Let's Play or the like, let us know so we can promote it.

    Given it's been longer in development than planned, there is an awful lot of new content. We didn't call this 2.4 because we haven't even touched one of the major goals for that release, that being to complete the remaining faction slots. Some factions have been revamped for 2.35 - either browsing the changelog or else giving them a spin will make it clear. Many factions have also had new features added, and there are 40 new units to play with across a broad swathe of the map. We think you'll find it's been worth the wait.

    If you are new to EBII, please make sure you read the opening pages of the Player's Guide (included in the root of your EBII installation), and those specific pages relating to the faction you intend to play. This will give you some understanding of the features unique to that faction and give you some idea of what to look out for.

    As always it's necessary to be absolutely explicit about this point:


    This is a complete installation, it's best if you remove any previous versions of EBII you have installed.

    Installation instructions

    Before we get into the details, it's necessary to reinforce an important point: the installation instructions are lengthy and detailed because they need to be. We gathered all this knowledge the painful way, through bitter experience of what does and doesn't work with this clunky old game and the myriad configurations of platform and medium out there. These instructions are not optional, if you do not follow the right ones for your machine, it is highly likely the game will not function properly. If you do not follow the instructions and get issues, we will not be able to help you until you've conformed with the instructions.

    These appear in the Player's Guide which is bundled with EBII, but for completeness they are repeated here.

    1. M2TW Installation Instructions

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    1) [Mac and Linux] it is assumed that you have the Feral Interactive version of M2TW Kingdoms. For people who do NOT have the Feral Interactive version, you will need wine to run the game.

    2) Install Medieval 2 Total War and the Kingdoms expansion (at least 1 mod) outside of C:\Program Files. Use a short directory such as C:\M2TW as an example.

    3) Update the game to version 1.5 (links). Kingdoms expansion is 1.4

    4) Start the game and start a campaign, then quit. Do not skip this step.

    5) You can change the game settings to your favourite key bindings, graphics, unit size, camera, ect.


    1) [Mac and Linux] Steam has the Feral Interactive version of M2TW Kingdoms which will run better on your operating system. You still need to complete the post installation instructions after installing M2TW Kingdoms and Europa Barbarorum II.

    2) Do NOT Install Medieval 2 Total War and the Kingdoms expansion in the standard library C:\Program Files\Steam...

    3) Create a game library outside of C:\Program Files\Steam. Official Steam instructions Gigantus Total War Center instructions.

    Steam Menu > Settings > Downloads > Steam Library Folders > Add Library Folder >Select a different drive other than C:\ our example will be “F:\”(It is recommended to use a different drive if you have one, otherwise use C:\) > add New folder and name it something short such as “Steam Games”. The new library should be “F:\Steam Games”

    4) Install or move Medieval 2 Total War and the Kingdoms expansion in your new Steam Library “F:\Steam Games”

    You can make “F:\Steam Games” the default install before you download Medieval 2 Total War and the Kingdoms expansion, then change it back when you are done. Steam Menu > Settings > Downloads > Steam Library Folders > right click “F:/Steam Games” > Make Default Folder.

    You can move Medieval 2 Total War Kingdoms from C:\Program Files\Steam to your new library folder “F:\Steam Games”. It is recommended to create a backup first.View Library > right click Medieval 2 Total War Kingdoms > Properties > Local Files > Move Install Folder > Select your new library folder “F:\Steam Games” > Move folder

    5) Update the game to version 1.5. Steam should do this automatically, or the game is already 1.5

    6) Start the game and start a campaign, then quit. Do not skip this step.

    7) You can change the game settings to your favourite key bindings, graphics, unit size, camera, ect.

    8) Installing other mods is not recommended

    2. EBII Installation instructions

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    [Mac] Mac users are assumed to have wine to run the installer exe with. If not there is a ZIP version to download which means you will not have to use the exe.

    1) Uninstall any previous versions of EBII (there's a shortcut for it in your start menu).

    2) The downloaded file is a zip archive, which means you need to unpack the installer files from the zip file. Windows Explorer should allow you to simply copy the contents out. If not, you can download 7-zip for the purpose.

    3) Run EBII.exe

    4) Step through the install wizard. Make sure the installer is pointed at your M2TW directory such as in our CD example “C:\Games\M2TW”or Steam example “F:\Steam Games\steamapps\common\Medieval 2 Totalwar”You need to change it from the default if it is pointing at Program Files.

    5) Wait for the installer to copy all the files.

    6) If you did not start a M2TW vanilla campaign after installing it, run that now. Start a campaign from Medieval.exe, then quit.

    7) Run the mod using the shortcut placed in your start menu or desktop.
    [Steam] You will need to insert a short code (4. Starting EB2 for the first time)

    [Mac & Linux] If you do NOT have Feral Interactive M2TW You will need wine to launch the mod using the wine console command. (4. Starting EB2 for the first time)

    [Windows 10] You will need to download and install Microsoft packages(3. Additional "O/S Specific" Mandatory Instructions)

    8) Start a EB2 campaign. WAIT for the game to generate the world, the game has not frozen, then quit.

    9) There may be a “Fatal Graphics Error” and crash to the desktop when you start the campaign only on the very first time. This is normal, just start the game again.

    3. Additional "O/S Specific" Mandatory Instructions

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    [Windows 10]
    1) Create a new folder on your desktop

    2) Download DirectX End-User Runtimes (June 2010).

    3) Run the exe file that you downloaded and extract it into the new folder

    4) Run the exe from the extracted contents in the new folder to install

    5a) For 64 bit Operating Systems:
    Install Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 SP1 Redistributable Package (x64) first
    Then install Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 SP1 Redistributable Package (x64) second

    5b) For 32 bit Operating Systems:
    Install Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable Package (x86) first
    Then install Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package (x86) second

    1) Copy no_banner.mesh from share/data/mods/ebii/data/banners to share/data/data/banners (yes outside of the mod's folder).

    2) Delete your settlements folder in share/data/mods/ebii/data. You play with vanilla settlements.

    1) Move the no_banner.mesh in medieval2data/mods/ebii/data/banners onto your desktop

    2) Navigate to medieval2data/data then create a new folder named banners

    3) Move or paste the no_banner.mesh into medieval2data/data/banners (the folder you just created)

    4) Move your settlements folder in m2tw/data/mods/ebii/data to your desktop.

    5) If you have a problem saving the game you can create the following folder in the following directory:Library/Application Support/Feral Interactive/Medieval II Total War/VFS/Local/mods/EBII/saves

    6) Once you have created it, give permission to all users so that they can each read and write to the folder.

    4. Starting EB2 for the first time

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    The game is started using this launch batch file.
    [Windows] M2TW\mods\EBII\launch.bat
    [Linux] share\data\mods\ebii\launch.bat
    [Mac] medieval2data\mods\ebii\launch.bat

    There should be a shortcut on your desktop.

    [Windows] Creating a shortcut
    Right click launch.bat > Send to > Desktop(create shortcut)

    [Steam] Launching Mods
    View Library > right click Medieval 2 Total War Kingdoms > Properties >Set Launch Options
    Insert this code:--features.mod=mods/EBII
    Click on OK
    Close the Properties window
    Start Medieval II Total War

    [Mac and Linux] The following instructions are for those who do NOT have the Feral Interactive version of Medieval 2 Total War Kingdoms.

    [Linux ] You will need wine to launch the mod using the wine console command(note this directory must match what you named them) Code:wine cmd < share/data/mods/ebii/launch.bat

    [Mac] You will need wine to launch the mod using the wine console command.(note this directory must match what you named them) Code:wine cmd < medieval2data/mods/ebii/launch.bat

    5. Preparation

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    Download Notepad++ to cleanly edit files. Windows Notepad will randomly insert characters when editing files causing errors. Never use it.

    The Error Log
    Make sure your error log is working properly so you can properly report any issues.

    Open this file, [your M2TW directory]\mods\EBII\EBII.cfg with Notepad++ and make sure it has this code:
    [log]to = mods\ebii\logs\eb.system.log.txt#level = * tracelevel = * error

    This means the log will be stored as eb.system.log.txt in [your M2TW directory]\mods\EBII\logs\. We will need this log any time you report an error.

    If you get a consistent reoccurring error change the code to:[log]to = mods\ebii\logs\eb.system.log.txtlevel = * trace

    This will record every process the game makes and hopefully help us identify the exact causes. Don't forget to change it back when you are done because this detailed level of recording takes up lots of memory and causes crashes.

    Report your errors and post the Error log(eb.system.log.txt) file to the Total War Center EB Bug Reports and Technical Help subforum.

    The Error Log is often very large so compressing it into .zip or .rar archives is a good idea.

    Windowed, borderless mode
    It's highly recommended that you play on windowed, borderless mode. It will increase the stability of the game. Open this file, [your M2TW directory]\mods\EBII\EBII.cfg with Notepad++ and make sure it has this code:

    windowed = 1
    borderless_window = 1

    If "1" doesn't work, try "true" instead. Note you'll have to enter your native resolution in there to get a proper-sized window. You also need to ensure your medieval2.preferences.cfg doesn't have conflicting values.

    Alternatively, we've bundled a windowed mode/fullscreen mode switcher program in with the installation, it looks thus:

    All you should need to do is click the Windowed button.

    Auto Save Corruption
    The game auto saves at the end of every turn but it there is a chance of corrupting the save file and crashing the game. Autosave can not be relied upon to save a long campaign.Open this file, [your M2TW directory]\mods\EBII\EBII.cfg with Notepad++ and make sure it has this code under [Game]: Auto_save = 0

    Save often and keep a trail of saves. You can use Ctrl+S for quicksave

    6. Older Software & RAM addressing

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    Old Software
    It's common users encounter technical issues while using old software like M2TW. It's only designed to address 2GB of RAM regardless of the users actual hardware capabilities and that limitation can cause stability problems with large mods like EB2.

    There are 3rd party utilities which can address this problem, but there might be legal ramifications and any software modification is potentially problematic, so users should do their own research and make their own independent decisions.

    Memory Leaks
    The game will increasingly hog more memory as the turns pass by. After a few hours the game may crash or cause the graphics to switch around. If you see buttons that are replaced with faces or buildings immediately save the game and quit to avoid imminent crash. It is a good idea to save and quit every few hours to empty out the memory.

    Keep error log on *error
    In the [your M2TW directory]\mods\EBII\EBII.cfg file you should be playing with the following code that is set to log errors only:

    to = mods\ebii\logs\eb.system.log.txt
    #level = * trace
    level = * error

    Leaving the log on trace takes up lots of memory and eventually causes crashes:

    to = mods\ebii\logs\eb.system.log.txt
    level = * trace
    #level = * error

    Though it is useful for tracking down consistent errors, don't leave it on when you are enjoying the game.

    [Optional]Post-installation modifications

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    Different Captains to Generals in the campaign

    2.35 has a complete set of "Captains" that are different from the Generals. However, they are disabled, because the file in question, the descr_character is an either/or choice. Either you have proper generals in Custom Battle, multiplayer and historical battles (and no distinction between Captains and Generals in the campaign), or you can get a distinction between Generals and Captains in campaign battles only (but in the other three you always see Captains).

    If you want the latter, download this and put it in your mods\ebii\data\ folder: descr_character.txt

    As always, back up your file so you can revert before you apply this. Note this is NOT savegame compatible.


    There are two versions of the files, one with an installer, the other a simple zip file. The links are here:

    Torrents (magnet links)

    Please keep seeding these when you get them, so everyone else can share.

    Direct downloads:
    EB FTP (installer)
    EB FTP (non-installer)

    If you have the means to host the files, please do so and share the link - I'll update this post with it.


    Please also see our main feeds, featuring all the past previews, and where new material will appear:

    Change List

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    v2.35 Change Log (through 11/30/2018)

    Section I - Faction Specific:

    Iberians (Arevaci-Leusitane):
    - Adds text for the Celtiberian Reform
    - Adds CeltiberianDuel trait system & gives Iberians access to Bardos trait
    - Added failsafe for Iberian Panoply reform
    - Tweaks CeltiberianDisgrace trait effects and excludes IberianHand from Client Rulers
    - Arevaci merc script extended to include Mastia, Gader and Arse
    - Switched Celtiberian bodyguard unit to use the Elites
    - Adds SettledHappily and SettledBetrayer traits to Celtiberians for their exploits in Sicily and Sardinia
    - Adds new CeltiberianMerc triggers associated with AMoR colony
    - Adds 2 new "random" triggers for CeltiberianDuel trait
    - Increased revolt chances for some Iberian provinces
    - Adds a new "Cantabrian Resistance" script to resist the Roman/Carthaginian/Numidian player in Cantabria
    - Adds historical order penalties to higher tiers of farms in Lusitania/Celtiberia

    - Adds 13 new Getai Ancillaries
    - Changes GetaiWarrior trait descriptions to include game mechanics info regarding success/failure
    - Major overhaul of Dacian pools
    - Adds new Getai Gov building description
    - New AI-only opening move to assist in faction expansion

    Kelts (Aedui, Arverni, Pritanoi, Boii):
    - New Gallic Voice Mod (400+ commands for Battle & Campaign map) - complete replacement of the old EB1 Gallic VM
    - Reduced starting Aedui family tree from 6 to 4 FMs (similar to other Keltic factions)
    - Slight adjustment to CentralGaul Merc pool
    - Changes Boii ethnicity Authority bonus to Piety
    - Added Tyragetia pool to boii_mig and boiicol
    - Added Caledonian/Gaelic swordsmen/cavalry to boiicol
    - Tweaks merc trait triggers
    - Adds MercExperience hidden trait, CelticMercPontic trait and CelticFeast traits
    - Adds anti-triggers for Kapnobatai and Druids to ensure that they do not receive the Unschooled trait
    - Adds CelticFeast to starting Celtic faction FMs
    - Slingers no longer appear in Scotland/Ireland/Wales/northern Britain
    - Excludes "Celtic" characters from the Warlord trait
    - Adds CelticDefeat trait
    - Adds Boii Colony II building descriptions
    - Adds CeltiberianBeauty and CelticBeauty traits/triggers
    - Various Celtic Unit name changes
    - Adjusted recruitment slots available to Migration/Allied State governments
    - Revised Aedui faction banners (no more medieval decorations)
    - Corrections to Celtic late reform
    - Adds new names to Boii Colony Leader traits
    - Adds reduction triggers for Celtic tribal education traits so that eligibility level disappears at age 40
    - 20 new gallic charge yells added
    - Adds CelticSocial, Attios and Altron traits to the Celtic repertoire and adds Attios trait to a bunch of older Celtic characters
    - Tweaks pritmercinfo triggers and descriptions and adds AuxGen triggers for CelticHeadHunter and BattleMad for long serving auxiliary generals
    - Tweaks Altron triggers
    - Adds GeistlosPrec, Geistlos and RomanGeistlos traits
    - Adds Lenient-Battlemad anti-trigger and age restriction to Bardos traits(<30)
    - Adds CelticStrength test tied to Great Gallic Council
    - When both are AI factions, Aedui and Arverni start out as (distrustful) allies
    - AI Opening moves for Aedui/Arverni (if the other is the human player)
    - Adds age restriction for Uatis training

    Germanics (Sweboz/Lugia):
    - New Lugian Faction symbol, banners, & intro video
    - Switched Lugiones starting province & moves Lugidunon (new capital) north-west & revises the faction selection map
    - Replaces all Lugian names with a new "celto-germanic" set
    - New Lugian government system (levels increase from 5 to 7)
    - Adds icons for the two new Lugian govs and revises the others to include the new Lugian Faction icon
    - New Lugian gods and temple descriptions
    - Modifies LugianWarrior trait to have post-reform Germanic levels
    - Adds LugianFuneral, LugianAmber and gives Lugians access to Bardos trait
    - Adds ethnic Riks ancillaries for the Lugians
    - Activates CelticWife ancillary (triggers now achievable)
    - Gives Lugians access to BattleMad trait
    - Adds new Lugian banner ancillary
    - Adds 6 missing German Tribal building descriptions
    - Changes Lugiones ethnicity to Nawarnehaliþs and adds mention by Tacitus that their priests dressed like women
    - Changes Wenetas>>Wenetos and Helveconos>>Elukouna
    - Modifies LugianWarrior descriptions
    - Adds new LugianDefeat trait for lugians for crushing defeats
    - Edits Lugian starting traits
    - Adds many lugian specific ancillary triggers to transform from Celtic to Germanic influence
    - Adds Sudeten mountains to the map
    - Province renames: Luguwa>Lugiutauta and Pomera>Mateliludis
    - Lugian pools rewritten
    - Fixes Lugian diplomacy grammar
    - Fixes grammar and updates descriptions for all Lugian govs

    - Make RomanMilitaryService a visible trait (was a submod)
    - Adds 70+ new Romani campaign map voice files
    - Gives the Romans a "late" temporary BG based on the Polybian Equites
    - Adds fallback to Plebeian for non-CR Romans with no social class (if father rebelled before COA)
    - Added a fallback for the Marian reform
    - Added SlaveRomanModel to three starting Italic rebels
    - New "native names" for Sabellian units
    - Doubles the number of Roman strat map music tracks
    - Fixes misaligned Roman province ancillary acquisition (EDA
    - Makes RectorProvinciae trait adjustments (EDCT)
    - Adds Provincia Gallia Comata description
    - Adds Provincia Illyria description
    - Improved opportunity for the Faction Leader to acquire a Lictor ancillary
    - Adds a "sacred chickens" ancillary for Pulcher
    - New AI-only triggers for Roman elections
    - Several Roman ancillaries are no longer transferrable

    - Removed merc Phalanxes from Carthage's custom battle roster, added merc hoplites
    - Increased requirements and reduced gain chance for Carthage secondary general trait
    - Numidian Urban Administration gov now provides a small amount of Western Med Polities culture to assist in meeting the Reform requirements
    - Adds ProCarthaginian and CarthageEducation traits to Numidians; tweaks numidia unrest trait
    - Adds Gldgyml trait to Numidians and revises Gldt triggers
    - Addition of Lithobolos to Carthaginian recruitment
    - Punic cities in Atiq, Gader and Nurri give a 10% naval recruitment discount to AI-Carthage (only)

    - Improved Saba Reform (new message, can be triggered from any one of three South Arabian city-level settlements (not the capital), requires ownership of 6 provinces)
    - Plugged southern Arabian recruitment gap in saba_bond
    - Adds building description for top level Nabatean gov
    - Adds Nabatu-specific triggers to make Nabatu DesertWarriors more common and GoodTrader specific triggers for settlements important to Nabatean trade routes
    - Changes Nabatu FL trait from just Malek to Malek Nabatu and includes attested aramaic Mlk Nbtw un-vowelized form in trait description
    - Various improvements to triggers and stats for pet_lion ancillary

    East Greeks (Seleukids, Ptolemaioi, Baktria, Bosporans):
    - Seleukids no longer start allied with Hayasdan and Taksashila
    - Added some levy pools that were missing in Hellenistic governments
    - Adjustment to native pools on Kypros
    - Adds 30+ new East Greek campaign map voice files & activates two Phalangitai unit voices
    - Added some more terminating conditions to the Baktrian missions and made it possible to succeed at the second mission before triggering it in the normal sequence
    - Added a Skythai spawn for the "patient" path for the Bosporan player
    - Bosporan governments updated
    - Changed trigger for Bosporan Early Events to holding Khersonesos
    - Codified enmity between Philadelphos and Gonatas (for human player of either faction only)
    - More camelry in western Arabia
    - Revised Family Trees for Seleukids and Ptolemies designed to "keep the Royal ethnicity alive"
    - Adds biographies for all underage Seleukid and Ptolemaic males
    - Appends "Akitu" message to the bottom of the Babylon Ziggurat unique as a player reference
    - Alters the Ptolemaioi Spartan Intervention script to restrict expansion in Hellas
    - Improves & fixes Seleukid "pothos" trait
    - New "Themison" ancillary for underage Antiochos II
    - Revises strategy sections for all Basilike Patris govs

    West Greeks (Makedonia, Koinon Hellenon, Epeiros, Pergamon):
    - Adds 180+ new or revised Greek Unit voices
    - New models and textures for Hoplitai
    - Adds 8 new Hellenic ancillaries (concepted in 2006 by Teleklos Archelaou)
    - Epirote/Makedonian rivalry stops triggering if either Pyrrhos or Antigonos is dead
    - Removes Phalangitai from kh7/kh8
    - Update of the Spartan Intervention mission
    - New campaign description for the KH
    - Adds new KH age-trait system (the Helikia, called KHCitizen in build), alongside Eromenos, Erastes, Peripolos traits and the KHSocial hidden tracking trait
    - Adds new Hipparkhos unique ancillary for KH, with new Banner-based ancillary icon
    - Adds new KHCitizen trait to all starting KH FMs with appropriate age-related levels
    - Updated KH reform failsafes not to trigger if the player already has them
    - Adds Nauarkhos, Hipparkhos and Strategos (FL upgrade) traits, with term limits for Nauarkhos and Hipparkhos
    - Adds new unique Nauarkhos and Hipparkhos ancillaries
    - Adds Neos tratis and triggers
    - Rework of Epirote ethnicities
    - Added a native pool to the kh6
    - Proxenos mission for KH Gerons added
    - Adds new Aner trait for Presbutes to KH
    - Adds the last set of KH office traits
    - Adds strategy sections to KH event messages

    Eastern (Pontos, Pahlava, Hayasdan):
    - Adds 7 new Babylonian Ancillaries (for factions in Eastern provinces)
    - Pahlavan reform now works properly
    - Hayastan now has merc-hoplite-hiring pre-reform
    - Update to Hai governments (they gain two new ones and upgrade paths change)
    - New Armenian, Pontos, & Parthian Gov icons (all are now "Eastern" style)
    - Total rewrite of all Caucasus pools
    - Added siege weapons to hay_royal
    - Script tweaks to Hayastan second capital mechanics
    - Added Pontos to the list of factions able to build zurkaneh
    - New name for top-tier Hay government
    - Adds description for Hai Ancestral Capital and a new infant FM (with biography trigger)
    - Fixes for the Iberia (Kartli) Rises script
    - Avoids a CTD by adding text for when the player as Hayastan takes Mtskheta
    - Adds new Hayastan mission to liberate Mazaka
    - New opening message for Pontos and reworking of all Pontic missions
    - Revises strategy sections for most Pontos gov-types (the old ones were wrong)
    - Small revision to the Pontic Royal family (to prevent dilution of royal ethnicity)
    - Ethnicity requirement for governors of the Pontic Hypobasileia (Royal Province)

    - Adds 60+ new Taksashila Ancillaries
    - New Taksashila Gov icons (all are now "Eastern" style)
    - Indian recruitment rewritten (no more culture-linkage which causes tribal units to vanish)
    - Adjusted culture mix in India
    - Taksashila strat map music now different from the other Eastern factions
    - Taksashilan Independence/Mauryan Invasion scripts completely rewritten

    Steppe (Saka/Sauromatae):
    - Vast new "Eastern Migrations" script - no longer is the north-east corner of the map quiet once you've taken out the Rebels.
    - New "soft hat" portrait pack (120+) for steppe factions
    - Complete overhaul of Skythian recruitment
    - Complete revision of Saka Temple of Govs (5 levels, new icons, new descriptions, post reform only)
    - Flipped the SkulataConquer trigger to Skulata Vanquisher for Sauromatae
    - Adds Saka/Pahlavan merc traits
    - New province icon frames & constructed icon frames for all cul_6 (steppe faction) icons
    - Changes to AI-Saka early settlement trigger
    - New SauroScalper trait
    - Adds SkinQuiver and SkinLeather traits for Skytho-Sarmatian factions
    - New Sauromatae Bodyguard model and "native name" (Fatagai Rasma)
    - Altered starting Sauromatae armies to use the many new units

    Rebels (slave):
    - All references to "slave" faction removed from EDB (it doesn't work)
    - All units (except factional bodyguards) now have universal ownership (so the rebels will build them)
    - Rebels barred from all construction except building of govslave (so they focus on recruitment and unit repair)
    - Recruitment adjusted to 2 slots in spring/summer/autumn and 4 in winter
    - Rebel finance script adjusted: Large starting kings purse, which diminishes as total rebel settlement count drops
    - Scripted clawback if more than 50k in treasury
    - Adds naval experience bonus and construction discount to govslave & additional discount in ports
    - Presence of govslave prevents construction of factional precursor buildings (bug fix)
    - Adds new Rebel-only ancillary to reduce spy recruitment cost
    - Adds missing "immobile rebel" trait in Lugdunon
    - Changes three Rebel garrisons to infantry-only (to prevent wandering)
    - Rebel elite pool deplenished at game start (to prevent undesired alteration of the starting setup now that recruitment works)
    - Flattened Rebel recruitment in NW quadrant (rebels spend recruitment funds in a pattern that runs NW to SE, so this helps ensure recruitemnt in the southern and eastern portions of the map)
    - Replaces a host of "ordinary unit" Rebel BGs with Client Ruler bodyguards

    Section II - Game Play & Miscellaneous:

    - Updated "Player's Guide" with extensive new guidance on reforms, missions, and faction society events (page count increases from 114 to 160)
    - Implements a completely revised economic system (accommodates buildings with "income_bonus bonus") to include comments in the Wall/Camp descriptions explaining the new income settings
    - Adds all-new "After Alexandros" series of battles to the Historical Battles section. There are 65(!) battles available, listed in chronological sequence, not all of them take place in Hellas and the east.
    - Changes successor system from script to ancillary based and revises opening message accordingly (new system cannot be broken)
    - Complete voice audio overhaul for all factions, both campaign and battle map (all files have been compressed and equalised at the same decibel level)
    - Battle ambience files reduced in volume by 8 dB to improve "in battle" audibility of voicefiles
    - Major project to collapse the number of folders in unit_model (f/e Romans are now three folders instead of 14) - from 263 folders to 62.
    - Massive unit rename (applies to "code" names only). Replaces "native names" in data names with simpler English ones
    - Revises the naval unit system to change the balance of play and to include many new unit descriptions. Fleets are no longer an optional extra if you have ports.
    - Completely revised skill triggers and training for Diplomats (they now progress or regress correctly, and training is not automatic)
    - Deletes 80+ unused (old) unit models and files
    - Removes 12 redundant unit cards
    - Removed the difficulty-related normalisation of relations
    - Rewrote the AI-switch script
    - Raised WarWeariness threshold from 6 to 7
    - Increased chance of factions switching back to a "warlike" stance
    - Hoplite/phalangite re-hire script now only appears when the player can actually use it
    - Removed can_swim from various units (non-functional attribute)
    - Added Hayastan and Carthage to the notification for Greek military reforms
    - Charakene becomes Mesene
    - Added settlement-independent Treasury clawback monitor for hording factions
    - Updates to raiding scripts and hording
    - Tweaks Brave trait effects, raises Sacrilegious L1 threshold from 2 to 4, changes Feck effects from Chivalry to TroopMorale, raised threshold of Bardos from 2 to 3, makes a new Anti-trigger for client rulers and the IberianRite trait, adds two new Authority related FL triggers to the existing system
    - Dedan is now a p_large_city
    - Native pools for Anatolia/Galatia in all factional governments updated
    - Big overhaul of recruitment in Illyria (now all the Illyrian and Thraikian provinces have individualised recruitment)
    - Mikra Skythia now separate from Skythia/Dacia pools
    - Update of recruitment from Syria to Afghanistan, everything in hidden_resource eastern and baktria rewritten
    - Western steppe recruitment rewritten
    - Reworked Illyrian and Thracian pools - plugged hole in Epidamnos and Histria is now different
    - Reworked Dacian and Skythian pools (Mikra Skythia now distinct from both) and also reworked Bosporan pools
    - Rewritten pools for Anatolia, Caucasus, Syria to Afghanistan, western steppe
    - Adds Embezzler trait for huge treasuries to help cutdown on player cash for big empires
    - Adds a number of triggers for pre-existing secondary traits and tweaks/fixes a number of pre-existing triggers
    - Changes settlement requirement for Road Garrison 2 & 3 from town to large town
    - Elephant recruitment updated (Except in India, higher level elephants are only available from the new "Elephant Stables" building)
    - Elephant capture script added
    - Carnyx/Horn/Trompas files remastered (lower volume)
    - Changed L5 Temple pre-req to Large City
    - New Kautilya quote
    - Adds 2 new Province descriptions (Elymais and Liguria) & updates fauna descriptions for most European provinces
    - Adds new Province description (Syrthim), a Strategy section for Raition, and "geographically correct" province pix for Nikron
    - Adds one Province descriptions (Trinakrie) and 10 Strabo province descriptions (all provinces now have text)
    - Upgrade path to and composition of Band of Mercenaries revised
    - Marginal areas limited to polis_one and helcol_one rather than enabling diminishing returns. Marginal pools deleted from polis_two/three
    - Added upgrade path for Mikra Skythia in polis_two/helcol_two
    - Paths to helcol_three and helcol_ref now updated. Only selected places can upgrade to helcol_three, the remainder can go to helcol_ref after the ThorakitaiReform (should no longer be places that will allow you to build a helcol, yet provide no units outside of the first tier)
    - Added trade bonus to province_065 switched on by the Tocharian Horses event
    - Adjustments to Ferghana mission (now only triggers if player doesn't own it)
    - Numerous settlement/region name-changes
    - Tweaks jeweler triggers to make them more achievable, tweaks and adds new Embezzler triggers and effects, adds Cheapskate triggers
    - New xenophobia/xenophilia triggers
    - Central Asian mercenary events added
    - Switched unit for African Client to Ethiopian Axeman
    - Reconfigures Port Garrison bonus structure
    - Revises the "Allied Gov" icon for six Barbarian factions (the old one was almost identical to the "Confed" series)
    - New native cavalry unit in Ioudaia, so not all Arabian
    - Small tweaks to eastcol and building upgrade path for Roman Colony
    - Increased pirate spawn chance
    - Province renamed (Aestuwa > Aisitrenta)
    - Descaims (capital of Wenetwa province) renamed to Gallwagardas
    - Province renamed (Landadexsiuo Boioi > Konnion Boion)
    - Deletes 190+ unused voice files and activates another 25+ that were dormant due to text file issues
    - Various edits and new descriptions for existing traits
    - Adds new "merc info" effectless traits to further explain mercenary service mechanics and ensures there are age limits on all merc traits
    - Standardized EDB indents to use tabs rather than spaces
    - Deletes 370+ unused animations
    - Several text edits to clarify the distinction between Causcasian Iberia (Kartli) and the better known Western Iberia (Spain/Portugal)
    - Adds "License" file to music folder for proper crediting of composers and with license & distribution information
    - Reinstates the "prec" attribute for Javelin Line Infantry (improves their attack formation; fixes their ability to charge & engage; also prevents them from "infiltrating" the phalanx line)
    - Revises phalanx unit mass (necessary to accomodate the now-working Javelin infantry)
    - Changes bodyguard units for several starting general units and tweaks ethnicity
    - Province renamed (Hayastan > Mets Hayk)
    - Revises Barbarian (cul_5) strat map music (including two new tracks courtesy of Roma Surrectum II)
    - Reduced Drink trait requirement for the Drinking Companion ancillary
    - Major upgrades to the "BovineM2twCheck" tool (used by the mod team to spot a wide range of errors)
    - Removes questionable history from Mets Hayk province description
    - Adds fertility bonus to non-Barbarian Royal ethnicities
    - Adds Adriatic section to Amber Route
    - Games/Races icons altered for non-Roman cultures
    - Adds a 20% naval discount to every AI faction in the port buildings
    - Reworking of "building counter" scripts to use less monitors and collapsed some "AI fallbacks" into the same monitors as the checks
    - War triggers script replaced with a simpler forumlation (57 fewer monitors) - all in all total number of monitors in the script brought under 1000.
    - Adds a new tool for traversing a mod's files and compressing tga files
    - Spy/assassin training now possible from caravan buildings

    Section III - New & Revised Units:

    - Adds Armorican Nobles (Uxselouiroi Desnouon)
    - Adds Isarnouiroi (Noric Swordsmen)
    - Adds Uergepades (Eburones Cavalry)
    - Adds Oitobelgion Eporedoi (Belgic Medium Cavalry)
    - Adds Oroneides (Dnieper Gauls)
    - Adds Neruion Ueriudnakoi (Nervii Spearmen)
    - Adds Epades Pennoberton (Volkae and Saluuioi Headhunters)
    - Adds Iltirtkesk Tildobanite (Ilergetan Cavalry)
    - Adds Iltirtkesk (Ilergetes Warriors)
    - Adds Eporeda Triuerion (Triveri Cavalry)
    - Adds Galathraikes (Celto-Thracian Infantry)
    - Adds Skaplinai (Illyrian Elite Slinger-Axemen)
    - Adds Epades Dessis (Cisalpine Cavalry)
    - Adds Mandonai (Delmato-Pannonian Cavalry)
    - Adds Gaisoualos (Helvetii Phalanx)
    - Adds Linniluxtos (Lake Men)
    - Adds Adskoros (Cisalpine Swordsmen)
    - Adds Zibutai (Thraikian Nobles)
    - Adds Skalmenai Reza (Thracian Client Ruler)
    - Adds Ekupeta (Histro-Venetic Cavalry)
    - Adds Pontikoi Hoplitai (Heavy Pontic Hoplites)
    - Adds Pezoi Kolkhikoi (Colchian Spearmen)
    - Adds Bosporitai Logades (Bosporan Elite Skirmishers)
    - Adds Khaldilae (Chaldian Warriors)
    - Adds Kartvelni Mehomni (Kartvelian Warriors)
    - Adds Promachoi Isaurion (Isaurian Highlanders)
    - Adds Alan Baragatae (Alan Riders)
    - Adds Aswar i Shahryar (Iranian Client Ruler)
    - Adds Hatjahalithoz (Chatti Veterans)
    - Adds Hatjaknehtoz (Chatti Youth)
    - Adds Frisadruhtiz (Frisian Skirmishers)
    - Adds Skathinawiskaniz Harjoz (Early Scandinavian Spearmen)
    - Adds Langabardo Halithoz (Lombard Warriors)
    - Adds Leigof (Lucano-Brettian Light Infantry)
    - Adds Khsiraga Baragatae (Siraces Riders)
    - Adds Alan Wazdatae (Alan Nobles)
    - Adds Raukhsalan Baragatae (Roxolani Riders)
    - Adds Sgal-betsan Baragatae (Sarmatian Early Cataphracts)
    - Adds Khsai Baragatae (Saii Riders)
    - Adds Zabatat (Ethiopian Axemen)
    - Adds Farasawt (Ethiopian Cavalry)
    - New models and textures for the Pahropan i Balk (Baktrian Hoplite)
    - Adds unit description, native name, & facial texture fix for Armorican Tribesmen
    - Adds Descriptions for Baltic Light Cavalry and Baktrian Guard
    - Change Camillian Equites, Belgae Swordsman's, Armorican Nobles & Iranian Kinsmen's armour points
    - Small adjustments to attack and shield values for phalanxes
    - Small tweak to number of javelins for javelin cavalry
    - Standardised number of javelins for line infantry to 2
    - New EB_LS_Overhand_Spear animation
    - Switched Triarii, Thorakitai Epilektoi and Galatianised Spearmen over to the EB_LS_Overhand_Spear animation
    - Removed AP from Armenian bodyguard lances
    - Updated armour stat and cost of Illyrian Hippeis
    - Increased speed of Illyrian pikes to 0.75
    - Updated radius and height values for phalanxes
    - Reduced mass of units at 1.3 and 1.25 to 1.2 to enhance holding ability of phalanxes
    - Dropped morale-shock/discipline of standard African elephant to low
    - Tweaked defensive skill of Libyan Hoplites and Lakonikoi
    - Tweaks to armour values for elite lancers
    - New armour upgrade system implemented in EDU/EDB
    - Upped shield value for Galatian Colonists/Raider to 6
    - Sakan bodyguards gain a "simulated lance" charge value
    - Armour/cost adjustments for Iranian/Anatolian Medium cavalry
    - Restored Sauromatian Captain as Rebel general's battle model
    - Removed "thrown" from all missile units
    - Several changes to unit cost and stats
    - Boii Noble Cavalry renamed (now Eporedoi Donnoi Erkunion)
    - Integrated "new" bodyguard units for Arevaci & Leusitane - now have a spear instead of soliferra
    - Reworked Epegaisoi, using the early spearmen instead of the late ones
    - Celtiberian and Leusitane Riders now have secondary spears instead of swords
    - Increased spacing for axe-wielding units so individuals can better use their axes
    - Armor for middle models of Eporeda Akus and Batoroi changed from mail to textile armour
    - Animation updates to long-shield units (to remove/reduce clipping)
    - Corrected mass of Bedouin Archers
    - Equalised Peltastai Logades & Bosporitai Logades secondary attack stat with Makedones Peltastai
    - Hellenistic Client placeholder now based on Peltastai Logades, with updated armor & "regional" skin
    - Simplification of Liburnoi availability
    - Updated secondary weapon for Libyan cavalry
    - Adjusted the angle of Galatianised Spearmen/Swordsmen shields so they no longer clip on their top edge
    - Updated Hustatus models
    - Fixes missing texture assignments for the Agema Phalangitai
    - Removed Fast from Lancetai's secondary attack

    Section IV - Bug Fixes:

    - Fixed ancient M2TW CTD caused when Faction is Destroyed (and the Faction Heir survives while the Faction Leader dies)
    - Complete re-write of the faction re-emergence script (should restrict re-emergence to historically correct locations)
    - Solves the "perpetual motion" bug by removing the Scotland/Ireland landbridge (the crossing still works)
    - Fixed broken Pahlavan reform caused by farm check on pastoral city
    - Fixed broken Saba reform which could only be achieved by removing all FMs from the capital city
    - Merges Summer and Winter strat map music playlists because an M2TW bug overwrites Winter with Summer when sound binaries are rebuilt
    - Reduced CelticMerc, PonticMerc and TylisMerc movement penalties from -100 to -2, so the total movement point penalty should be -102/125 total MP, thereby addressing the "merc rebellions" bug
    - Replaced highway bridge model and texture with working files
    - Merc sections added to several eastern models
    - Corrected Garamantine Infantry description
    - Corrected ComingofAge triggers for two Carthaginian infant FMs & fixed typos in their biographies
    - Fixed Baktria mission 4 to always give a colony point
    - LOD fixes for Hoplitai
    - LOD fixes for Etruscan Hoplite & Hustatus
    - Moved the Sauromatian rover in Waladwa back to Gelonja where it was supposed to be
    - Swaps province icons for Ermunahaimaz & Duron
    - Swapped portrait to the correct Arshak
    - Fixes Spartan Agoge starting age condition
    - Roman colony notification now appears again
    - Fix double Getai Histrie tribute bug
    - Fixed false plural latifundiae to latifundia and false plural ergastulae to ergastula
    - Fixed absence of Arkoi in the boii_confed
    - Added religion specification to the nomfarm building (supposed to be rel_d)
    - Remove immobility when gaining Galathraikes ethnicity
    - Update Interloper description to match coded effects
    - Corrected error in Saka Mission that gives never-ending supply of half-stacks to Parthia
    - Excludes cul_5 from silk merchants (prevents Barbarians getting silk traders in Europe)
    - Basternai now appear with the later reform south of the Danube
    - Removed the "city" tag from the Fire Temple building
    - Removes Soviet-era reservoir from Armenia
    - Removed references to now-defunct horse_unarmoured
    - Tweaks CarthageDisgrace trait effects to prevent several bugs from occurring
    - Fixes bug regarding the PeopleUnhappy trait never being removed from HatesGreeks characters;
    - Nerfs Duty and various Celtic traits and fixes Areskos effects
    - Adds most of the missing "short" building descriptions
    - Complete file review and typo fix for export_units
    - Helcol_ref now post-ThorakitaiReform
    - Revised pastoral settlement system to enable upgrade of large walls where applicable
    - Grain merchant ancillary fix
    - Deletes non-functional river crossing in Moenon
    - Removes ExcludeCultures cul_5 and cul_6 for Renown trait, as this trait was referenced in Iberian and Celtic ethnicity triggers
    - Corrected a bug in the faction re-emergence for Pritanoi
    - Changes "medieval era" comment in the campaign end-game message
    - Updates to Baktrian/Hayastan punitive expedition scripts which should mean they now work as intended. No more double-indemnity if you agree to pay after missing a tribute.
    - Small correction to Sauromatae protection of Olbia script
    - Correction to Royal Skythian City-damaging script
    - Fixed typos/grammar for Pontic Govs and Hellenic biographies
    - Corrections to ship recruitment (removing overlaps)
    - Fixed incorrect building ID for boii farms_three
    - Fixed a large number of problems involving temples: typos, grammar, missing short descriptions, missing or incorrect descriptions, & level issues
    - Fixed a few event message grammar issues
    - Fixed several Trait/Ancillary errors identified by the validator tool, added new mutual exclusion ancillary conditions and simplified others
    - Various typo fixes as reported at TWC
    - Adds missing AncillariesAvailable trait to Ulanae of the Saka
    - Levelled the ground around Prophthasia (removes huge cliff that appeared on the battlemap)
    - Restores missing portion of Media province description
    - Corrected errors in haycaucas in Egrisi
    - Removed erroneous reference to Carthage re-hiring pikemen
    - Redundant ros_temp building removed
    - Redundant armour upgrades removed
    - Syntax fix for ship spawns
    - Fixed typo on YIH 206
    - Eliminated duplicate appearance of the YIH Intro message
    - Corrected error in war-triggers between KH and Makedonia
    - Fixed problem with Celtiberian Rider sprite
    - Corrects native names for two ancillaries (Public Horse and Priest of Agdistis)
    - Grammar fix and new short descriptions for all Nabatean govs
    - Gave Eremos a permanent order bonus when Rebel-held to prevent it becoming a re-emerge target
    - Corrected some copy+paste errors in Media pools
    - Fixed some erroneous event_counter names
    - Fixes copy-paste error with GaderFish and GaderFarm triggers
    - Fixes erroneous event_counter for "Scutarii Era" unit recruitment
    - Capability fixes for several re-emergence targets
    - Fixed a large number of script errors affecting Mauryan Invasion, Barcids, Unit counters, Pan-hellenic games
    - Deleted two redundant references in campaign_script
    - Fixes duplicate name issue (shared by Getai FM and Rebel General)
    - Corrected Alauna rover's strat map model
    - Changed end_year changed to start_year in descr_mercenaries
    - In EDCT, all leading tabs removed and replaced with spaces and in-line tabs also replaced with spaces
    - Syntax error fix in AsTheChildGrows trigger
    - Fixes incorrect "IsRegionOneOf" for the Veteran_Mercenary_Spartiate and the TraderToIndia
    - Fixes bug where the son of Regulus was getting the father's biography instead of his own
    - Removes 3 sections of unused Sanskrit diplomat voice code
    - Fixes scripted "double-spawn" of Allied Gov buildings in Sparte
    - Removed redundant "Reforms Advisor" script section
    - Redundant upgrade path removed from helcol_one
    - Fixes omission that prevented use of indian_navy_shadow.cas file
    - Added a "Romans are still alive" qualifier to the fallback for the Marian reforms
    - Fixes AUC dates in YIH for years 211+
    - Moved all underage bios from Script file to Trait file, fixed a number of incorrect triggers, added bio-appropriate traits, & fixed some bio grammar
    - Fixes the vanilla "ally and enemy banners" bug (these would display as Medieval in historical battles)
    - Corrects the peasants_general info pic name
    - Makes changes to Father/Firstborn traits in the starting setup (Firstborn trait is still not working properly, so the trigger is temporarily deactivated)
    - Updated "IsAI" monitor with a termination that won't end after the first faction is checked
    - Tweaks to many Greek traits and ancillaries to reduce frequency or limit access
    - Removes damage from many uniques when AI-owned (they just fix them immediately) but adds it back if the faction is human-owned or the unique is captured by the player
    - Double-appearance of Celtic Clients fixed
    - Fixes mistake in Roman recruitment
    - Alters poorly tiered agent training triggers & reduces success chances
    - Fixes Roman temple in Iltirta bug
    - Removed Shardin and Korsim from Troublesome Regions script (Rebel armies pile up in single-province islands, and the AI can't handle it)
    - Adds ClientRuler bored reduction trigger
    - Fixes grammar & typos in various KH and Keltic ancillary & event texts
    - Corrected the order of the loops in the Major/Minor City unrest scripts


    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 



    Tux (Alin Loghin)
    V.T. Marvin (Vladimir Abrham)
    nazgool (Rafal Borowski)
    Arjos (Federico Raffa)


    Brennus (Andy Lamb)






    V.T. Marvin (Vladimir Abrham)


    Tellos Athenaios


    Tux (Alin Loghin)


    I Am Herenow


    Arjos (Federico Raffa)
    Bel matina
    Tellos Athenaios


    Aléxandros ho Mégas



    Brennus (Andy Lamb - FC)


    abou (FC)
    Arjos (Federico Raffa)


    Trarco (FC)
    Brennus (Andy Lamb)


    Brennus (Andy Lamb - FC)


    paullus (FC)
    DeathFinger (Antoine Simonin)
    Arjos (Federico Raffa)


    Brennus (Andy Lamb - FC)


    Gaius Scribonius Curio (FC)
    Arjos (Federico Raffa)


    paullus (FC)


    paullus (FC)
    Arjos (Federico Raffa)


    paullus (FC)
    Cronos impera
    Arjos (Federico Raffa)


    Sarkiss (FC)


    paullus (FC)
    Arjos (Federico Raffa)


    Zarrr (Adrian Jamka - FC)
    cmacq (FC)


    Trarco (FC)
    Brennus (Andy Lamb)


    paullus (FC)
    Arjos (Federico Raffa)


    Moros (Gert Jan Gregoor - FC)


    Trarco (FC)
    Gaius Scribonius Curio


    Mithridates VI Eupator (Eric Skoog - FC)
    The Persian Cataphract
    Arjos (Federico Raffa)


    abou (FC)
    Arjos (Federico Raffa)


    paullus (FC)
    Arjos (Federico Raffa)


    Brennus (Andy Lamb - FC)


    paullus (FC)
    Arjos (Federico Raffa)


    Trarco (FC)
    Gaius Scribonius Curio


    Gaius Scribonius Curio (FC)
    Philipvs Vallindervs Calicvla

    _[SB' W-GWM]

    Moros (Gert Jan Gregoor - FC)


    Arjos (Federico Raffa - FC)
    Mithridates VI Eupator (Eric Skoog)


    Arjos (Federico Raffa - FC)
    Mithridates VI Eupator (Eric Skoog)
    Steppe Merc


    TheTank (FC)


    Mithridates VI Eupator (Eric Skoog - FC)
    The Persian Cataphract



    nazgool (Rafal Borowski)
    Trve Leveller (Philip Graemer)
    Tux (Alin Loghin)


    nazgool (Rafal Borowski)
    Trve Leveller (Philip Graemer)
    Tux (Alin Loghin)


    General Grievous
    Tux (Alin Loghin)


    Tux (Alin Loghin)
    Rafkos (Rafal Kosyl)


    Moros (Gert Jan Gregoor)
    Tux (Alin Loghin)



    Arsaces II (Arshak Navasardyan)
    Martelus Flavius
    nazgool (Rafal Borowski)
    Tux (Alin Loghin)
    Rafkos (Rafal Kosyl)
    Zarrr (Adrian Jamka)


    Arsaces II (Arshak Navasardyan)
    leif erikson
    Marble Emperor
    Martelus Flavius
    nazgool (Rafal Borowski)
    Rafkos (Rafal Kosyl)
    Tux (Alin Loghin)
    Zarrr (Adrian Jamka)


    Tux (Alin Loghin)


    Tux (Alin Loghin)


    Rafkos (Rafal Kosyl)
    Tux (Alin Loghin)


    Ariovistus Suebus
    Arsaces II (Arshak Navasardyan)
    Rafkos (Rafal Kosyl)
    Red Devil

    _V. ART


    nazgool (Rafal Borowski)
    Rafkos (Rafal Kosyl)


    Genghis Skahn (Coordinator)
    nazgool (Rafal Borowski)
    Rafkos (Rafal Kosyl)
    Tux (Alin Loghin)


    Kull (Coordinator)
    Teleklos Archelaou
    Tux (Alin Loghin)


    Kull (Coordinator)


    Rafkos (Rafal Kosyl)
    Teleklos Archelaou
    Tux (Alin Loghin)


    Kull (Coordinator)
    Dol Guldur
    Tux (Alin Loghin)
    Note: Most of the "unit skin" artists created faces that are also utilized for portraits




    Tellos Athenaios


    Kull (Coordinator)
    Marble Emperor
    Tux (Alin Loghin)





    Ángel Román
    chur (Yevhen Kucherov)
    Keltika Hispanna
    Michael Levy
    Morgan Casey
    Musica Romana
    Nick Wylie
    Omri Lahav
    Simon O’Dwyer
    The Persian Cataphract


    Kull (Coordinator)
    bovi (Brigt Olav Vik)
    Zarrr (Adrian Jamka)


    z3n (Jonathan Hermans)


    z3n (Jonathan Hermans)



    z3n (Jonathan Hermans) (Coordinator)


    Genghis Skahn


    z3n (Jonathan Hermans) (Coordinator)


    Genghis Skahn


    Genghis Skahn (Coordinator-Traits)
    Kull (Coordinator-Ancillaries)
    b0Gia (Vasileios Bogiatzoglou)
    V.T. Marvin (Vladimir Abrham)
    z3n (Jonathan Hermans)


    QuintusSertorius (Coordinator)
    V.T. Marvin (Vladimir Abrham)


    QuintusSertorius (Coordinator)
    bovi (Brigt Olav Vik)


    Ibrahim (Coordinator)
    KAM 2150


    Kull (Coordinator)
    V.T. Marvin (Vladimir Abrham)


    QuintusSertorius (Coordinator)
    Arandir Tur-Anion
    b0Gia (Vasileios Bogiatzoglou)
    joshmahurin (Joshua Mahurin)
    The Mark
    V.T. Marvin (Vladimir Abrham)
    z3n (Jonathan Hermans)




    QuintusSertorius (Coordinator)
    V.T. Marvin (Vladimir Abrham)


    Kull (Coordinator)
    b0Gia (Vasileios Bogiatzoglou)
    bovi (Brigt Olav Vik)
    V.T. Marvin (Vladimir Abrham)



    bovi (Brigt Olav Vik)


    bovi (Brigt Olav Vik)
    joshmahurin (Joshua Mahurin)
    Rafkos (Rafal Kosyl)
    Tellos Athenaios


    Tellos Athenaios




    Tellos Athenaios


    Aléxandros ho Mégas
    Brave Brave Sir Robin
    Genghis Skhan
    QWE asd
    There is no self
    The Celtic Viking





    Kull (Coordinator)
    golden gecko


    Gabriel Oi Taurisia


    Europa Barbarorum II uses images from a wide variety of sources, either to inspire our own derivative
    work or the original images themselves, modified or altered to some degree. Should image owners recognize
    their work, we will either credit it specifically (if missing) or remove it at your request.


    This product is made available for private use as the EBII modification of the Medieval 2: Total War game.
    Usage of mod material for the purposes of creating a submod for EB II is also authorized.
    However, none of the contents in this modification may be shared, copied or used in any other way
    without the express written consent of the EB II team, which may be contacted
    through the TWC ( or
    ORG ( game forums.
    If you come across material which originates from this mod or its predecessor,
    and which is not credited as such, please notify the team.


    EBII contains music from a large number of sources, and the terms under which it was provided to the mod
    are covered in the file titled "License.txt" located in the mods\EBII\data\sounds\music\ folder.


    Marka Team

    Yughues aka Nobiax(at shareCg) and Roma Surrectum II team for some their wonderful vegetation models.

    Omri Lahav and the 0AD Team for allowing the use of some of their soundtracks.

    The De Bello Mundi mod team for graciously allowing us to use their settlement models and onager.

    The Rusichi mod team for allowing us to use the horses animations.

    johnwhile for his tools and support offered, they were crucial in our modelling and animation phases.

    Michael Levy of for some of the wonderful ancient music.

    Ángel Román for allowing us to use his evocative music, which can also be found here:

    More of the music of Keltika Hispanna can be found here:

    wilddog and makanyane for their help with terrain, vegetation, porting of settlement models,
    and solving settlement-related bugs and CTDs.

    LordOfTheEmos for his jungle tree texture.

    Jarlaxe for his buildings.

    Kevin Van Lierde for his unit browser.

    MIKE GOLF for his help in various things.

    Xeofox and RTR for the "soft hat" steppe portraits.

    The Org staff for their help and hosting our internal fora.

    The Total War Center staff for their support with our fora.

    Ludens for moderating our fora, having graciously accepted our request to do so.

    The always supportive Tosa Inu, who sadly did not live to see the day of our release.

    EB2 has had a lot of contributors come and go over a long time,
    and the current team has probably forgotten about some of those along the way.
    If your own contribution has been forgotten (and you want to be listed in the credits),
    please contact us in the forum and we will sort it out.

    And a very special thank you to the people who this modification was created for:
    the keyboard consuls, screen watching strategoi, philosophising players and mouse clicking chieftains.
    Thank you to every fan of Europa Barbarorum, whoever you are and wherever you are.
    Thank you for sharing in our passion, thank you for supporting us and above all, we hope you have fun.

    We also thank the following for inspiration: Monty Python, Caesar 3, Gladiatus, 0 A.D.

    Thank you from the Europa Barbarorum II Team


    The EBII team are volunteers who contribute their time and energy for free, and we don't want to change that. However, from time to time, we do elicit donations to cover our costs. These are for server hosting, which have come due recently. If you liked EBII enough to feel like you want to help the team, please see the link at the bottom of the EB website.

    And finally...

    In closing - EBII is still not complete. We are not finished - there will be future releases. We are at around 80% complete now - what we still need, what we always need, are more willing volunteers. If you are a 3D artist able to work with 3DS Max or Milkshape, or a 2D artist skilled with Photoshop who can work to instructions, we want you. If you have a knowledge in ancient history and a desire to contribute, we want you. If you are a scripter or coder, and have some familiarity with the files used here (compiled with C++ I believe), we want you. If you can proofread and edit XML files accurately, we want you. If you can playtest the ever-living crap out of a game, then do it all over again after a minor change, we want you. If you like the mod, and are eager to learn how to do something that can help to contribute, we want you. Apply here.

    As ever, thank you for your support and remember to read more history.

    - The Europa Barbarorum II Team
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    It began on seven hills - an EB 1.1 Romani AAR with historical house-rules (now ceased)
    Heirs to Lysimachos - an EB 1.1 Epeiros-as-Pergamon AAR with semi-historical houserules (now ceased)
    Philetairos' Gift - a second EB 1.1 Epeiros-as-Pergamon AAR

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    Default Re: Announcement: Europa Barbarorum II 2.35 released!

    Very exciting news, glad to see the team's vision is getting closer to completion.

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    Wow, look at the number of people involved in developing this mod. Thanks

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