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Thread: 2.3.5 tga hotfix

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    Default 2.3.5 tga hotfix

    Trying to reduce the mod size, I compressed most of the TGA images before the release of 2.3.5. Out of the thousands of images, 3 got mangled by this process and slipped through unnoticed until Iver Baggins reported it after release.

    If you look at the details of any character which gets assigned one of these 3 portrait images, the game will crash soon after.

    Download 2.3.5 tga

    Unpack it into your M2TW folder. It will place the fixed images in their proper locations and will make the game work fine again. Make sure you do not choose anywhere underneath that folder, or they will end up in the wrong place and take no effect.

    This fix is savegame compatible.
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