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Thread: Swordsmen Bonus Against Spears

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    Default Swordsmen Bonus Against Spears

    Does the swordsmen bonus against spear units apply to units that are not "proper" swordsmen, but fight with swords? So for example, do handgunners or archers who are engaged in melee with a spear unit get the same +1 bonus as feudal men at arms?

    Thanks in advance.

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    There is no column in the unit prod file for the sword v. spear bonus like there is with the anti-cav bonuses. If I remember correctly the sword bonus was hard-coded in for the RPS effect, so my guess would be any unit that has SWORD in the melee type column (SWORD/SPEAR/AXE/CLUB choices) would get it against a unit with SPEAR.
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    Yeah, everything you said makes sense and is probably how it works. But it does make me wonder, most cav units use swords according to the unit file, so do they get the +1 as well? Or are is there a hard coded exemption for cav units using swords?


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