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Thread: Finally bought Warhammer 1

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    Default Finally bought Warhammer 1

    Well, my bitterness about the Rome 2 release finally ebbed (has it really been 5 years?!) and I bought Warhammer 1 at the Steam Winter sale.

    It's fun!
    I've started and quit several campaigns as The Empire and Chaos.
    Chaos is preposterously fun with the destruction and ruins in your wake, but I never created a second army and that was my downfall.

    I read up a little on how to play The Empire and my current game is going strong - I've eliminated the Sylvanian vampires, and Averland just agreed to join the Empire. They had recently conquered the Border Princes, so now I have a lot of new land (and 5 turns of unrest, oops). With the Norsca invading the Midden and the Chaos armies soon to follow, I probably should have waited, but I just had to see the mechanics in action.

    Happy New Year!!

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    Default Re: Finally bought Warhammer 1

    Well, after many starts and restarts, I finally finished a campaign.

    Playing as Chaos, I and my 7 Norscan vassals crushed the civilized world. It was fun but there were just too many sieges.
    It definitely was nice having the vassals running around Nordland/Middenland spreading corruption while I took care of Kislev.
    And after I had won the long campaign, the Greenskins declared war on one of my vassals. I figured why not, declared war, and moved two of my three armies towards the northernmost Ork town. Once they got near the town, 6 or 7 full Ork stacks popped out of the fog of war and crushed them. Oops.

    I think I'm done for now. I've tried the Empire and the Vampire Counts, but I just can't get into a long campaign with either.


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