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Thread: Cliffton thread & Axalon/Deb8

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    Default Re: regarding the cliffton thread that got locked

    Folks, I am locking this as it has gotten out of hand.
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    Default regarding the "regarding the cliffton thread that got locked"

    This is meant towards the org staff in general and those that have to do with the watchtower section in particular:

    the previous, cliffton-related thread was a well behaved, well informed thread by the admission of all patrons that participated and it did nothing wrong to no one - the DEBATE [DEB8] guy highjacked it quite clearly at a particular timing towards a confrontatinal pre-destined direction that seems to suit his ends, and instead of getting him out of the thread, the thread got closed..

    This is bending under pressure from one single person and i'm not even sure who that DEBATE guy really is and for whom he is DEBATING ABOUT, the way he jumps into certain particular things everytime..

    Org staff of the watchtower section you are clearly going about this the wrong way it seems to me and you are digging the watchtower section's hole.. might as well call it the redux section and let axalon "moderate" it.. will make for some interesting "DEBATES"..

    Too bad..

    [ this is meant to be a joke, but i'm not sure at the expense of whom? sadly, its probably against the good functioning of the board and its membership - the same tactics, by the same people, lead -predictably- in the same result. So perhaps you could leave it on as locked, as a reminder of this[=same tactics by certain same people yield same results]..]
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    Default Re: regarding the "regarding the cliffton thread that got locked"

    No idea why the previous thread in this forum was created there/moved there in the first place...

    Now, quite honestly no idea why it was locked either...

    If you post in the "main hall", you make on topic, constructive posts, then Dr Heckle/Mr Snide arrives on the scene to troll his arse off, it gets locked... this is because you responded - and on this forum responding to that kind of thing makes you equally culpable.

    You're told that this is the place, then the nominated staff rep emerges from the secret forum and... locked.

    Then the hilarious charade continues... ad infinitum...
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    Default Re: regarding the "regarding the cliffton thread that got locked"

    Quote Originally Posted by caravel View Post
    ... ad infinitum...
    ..regarding the "regarding the "regarding the "regarding the" " "..trolling by [very same] member that covers up [very another(?) same] member so said 2nd member doesn't look bad for unacceptable behaviour and no other contributions can be made on the same theme[the theme that doesn't make him look good]..

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Its your board - do as you please - and i've made my points in the previous thread regarding the specifics - this is the final one i want to drive home - ie the situation still goes on..

    PS watch this space below after i'm gone, for certain "replies"..

    They might come in two waves - lucky guess, the first will be something like so:

    This is all BS, i will have none of it, its a ridicoulous thread by a ridicoulous poster posting ridicoulous things, i will have none of it - what? staff you are editing what i'm saying??! i didn't say anything other than that its the poster and all he says is ridicoulous - this is lame so very lame - lame lame lame.. i will have none of off to dat other TW site now - having said that - i've wasted enough time - In short..
    This will go on for a while, and if no desired result is reached, the second [a bit more outspoken, more liberated - not as "eloquent" ] will hit,

    like so:

    This is all moronic hypocritical S**t, from a hypocrit moron and if you think it isn't you are a lemming
    At which point the thread will be closed, left as it is, without the possibility for further adding towards any points made therein.. so that - if anyone is disinterested to take again the same shit from said member-s(?!)- the whole thing needs to be repeated again - in a new thread

    Seems like the story of that Sisyphus guy..all greek to me

    PPS They may also happen in reverse - ie you get the "friendly" troll at first for several pages and the overbearing smug as a conclusion.. its all very flexible

    PPPS NOTE: if no matter how many times you repeat the process you'll get the same both types of replies from the two types of poster/accounts, find then the connection between the two..HINT=consider the possibility the posters are connected in some way or are actually the very same person
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    Default Re: regarding the "regarding the cliffton thread that got locked"

    At least WARMAN was fun at times..

    PS BTW, How many years it took you to give up on him and get him out guys??!

    Lets see how many will last the current resident overbearing troll, and his alts.. he's tougher than WARMAN, yet WARMAN had that childlike charm that made everyone like him..

    PPS Maybe the people over at the TWC might find these little isolated incidents interesting too.. might be worth it if someone gives them a heads up..
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    Default Re: regarding the "regarding the cliffton thread that got locked"

    The silence is deafening, we are the "trolls" my friend...

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    Default Re: regarding the "regarding the cliffton thread that got locked"

    Quote Originally Posted by caravel View Post
    The silence is deafening, we are the "trolls" my friend...
    Sorry, did you say something? I can't hear a bloody thing..

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    Default Re: regarding the "regarding the cliffton thread that got locked"

    it took an entire crusade to just get re-open a normal thread in the thread that was trolled out of existence..another normal thread that was locked to to another patron basically not agreeing to it, is still closed..

    i was calling deb8 out for all of the watchtower thread, he was nowhere to be seen - aXXXie appeared - first dismissing - then placating - and when i kept calling deb8 out pointing that this was potentially giving away that they were operating in unison, he appeared at that point exactly to troll blatantly and unreservedly..

    deb8s has a pretty exact and informed posting style in general in the main hall regarding the game, yet appeared totally capably trollish in the watchtower thread - the very same as when he came out in the clifton thread..his timing as well as the way he used the language of the watchtower thread [all those expressions that were used by patrons that participated in the thread] - used as bait..

    deb8s behaviour - as well as aXXXies - on the whole confirms what i was saying all along.. that they operate in unison against specific members and points of view..and as cover up one to the other..

    deb8 is used as the casual account of aXXXie in the main hall to more benevolently create traffic - and more aggressively against perceived oponents..

    the watchower thread is again locked after the trolling - with no chance of adding any more to it - and we are back were we started.. right.. great..

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    Default Re: regarding the "regarding the cliffton thread that got locked"

    The original thread is opened and sorted with, thus this is not a 'repeat'. I will also merge this thread with the one closed by Hooahguy.

    Now this simply a crusade against Axalon and Deb8. It doesn't contribute to anything other than a personal vendetta against them. As I have previous stated, the accounts were investigated and there is nothing connecting Axalon or Deb8, as to quote "Heroic Efforts" were involved.

    They are both separate long-standing accounts. They both use consistent IPs which are typical of ISP's in their geographical areas (no proxies, TOR, or suspicious IPs). Their geographical areas being thousand miles apart. There is nothing that connects their accounts. Compared with Kikuchiyo for example flagged as an alt account of Caravel instantly.

    Even then, whilst alt accounts are generally frowned upon, action is not enforced unless the rules are broken. Punishments being applied across all accounts. Ban evasion is a clear automatic ban. Or using an alt to insult some-one, so your main account is not tarnished, ends up with a non-lenient infraction on your main account.

    The Watchtower is typically seen as a safe-space as to allow people to vent and talk with minimal enforcement. This is done in the spirit of openness and allow grievances to aired and dealt with, without the 'apparent' secrecy behind closed doors. This is where you can discuss issues such as the locked thread when diplomatic efforts done privately were not resolved. However, abusing this trust placed in the membership to go on a crusade is not clearly not appropriate.

    You can jokingly "play the victim" by "OOoooOOo we are the trolls now", but that is actually demonstrating insight that your behaviour is not acceptable. Just because it is 'Axalon' doesn't mean there are any exceptions. He could be the Pope or Queen Elizabeth or Judas Iscariot, doesn't matter. The behaviour is not acceptable.

    You can receive this warning as "The staff have listened, mission complete" then go about enjoying the parts of the Org that you enjoy, or you could ignore it and face the consequences of those actions. You have used your 'Get Out of Jail Free' card. I leave the outcome entirely in your hands.

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