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Thread: Former FBI assistant director has admitted that the FBI meddles with elections

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    Default Former FBI assistant director has admitted that the FBI meddles with elections
    "When I first got into the FBI one of the missions of the FBI in its counterintelligence efforts was to try to keep" progressives out of government
    I've known that the FBI targets far-left activists with programs like COINTELPRO for a while now, which is inexcusable in and of itself, but I was somewhat surprised to learn that the FBI would even go so far as to try to keep more liberal progressives from getting elected. Unfortunately in today's hyper-partisan political climate I doubt this revelation will make any waves, a lot of people, especially Trump supporters, seem OK with political repression as long as it's happening to the other side.

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    Default Re: Former FBI assistant director has admitted that the FBI meddles with elections

    The FBI was strongly anti-communist under Hoover. It often did manifest as anti- or at least leery of- progressive movements in US society. Though this lessened after Hoover, some of that sentiment persisted in the FBI at least through the end of the Cold War and likely further.

    By its nature as an arm of the government justice system, the FBI is unlikely to be on the leading edge of progressivism, but it is a far cry from the staunch reactionary group it was in my youth.
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