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Thread: The Orgah appreciation thread

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    Default The Orgah appreciation thread

    Today i learned yet again that a long time Orgah had passed away suddenly and it got me thinking, just in case the Org will disappear in the great blue of internets. I want to thank all of you Orgah´s ive met here in these forums from ever since 2005 when i first joined this forum. Most have left,some are dead,some still lurk, some active,nevertheless. All just as important.

    There are too many whom ive crossed paths here in this forums to mention you all, but i just want to say to you all, so it will be said: Thank you. Thank you all for everything i have experienced here. All the things good and bad, sad and funny. It has had a profound effect to me these past 14 years and i would never give anything away from it. Thank you.
    Ja Mata Tosainu Sama.

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    Default Re: The Orgah appreciation thread

    I was thinking about this when reading about the most recent passing, this is like the 5th or 6th one. Then I remember I've been here 15 years.

    This is literally the longest thing I have ever done. I have been here longer than I haven't. I am not sure what that means.
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    Default Re: The Orgah appreciation thread

    I was older than Strike is now when I joined in 2005.

    Gawain's Brother, TosaInu, Horetore, now Frags....

    And Kukri's voice somewhat muted.


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    Default Re: The Orgah appreciation thread

    Chipping in on this - I joined when I was barely a teenager, literally joining this forum while I was in my computer class at middle school / secondary. I met some Orgahs in real life, learned a lot of things here and I managed to significantly expand my knowledge of both the world and how people think.

    I am extremely thankful for this place and for the people here.

    Ja mata, TosaInu. You will forever be remembered.


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