As you now, the CA teams are updating regularly with what the teams are working on. As of right now, they're quite focused on TW 3 Kingdoms and the upcoming projects, historical & non-historical.

Since the last What the Teams are Working On blog post, the Saga team has been busy with the Steel & Statecraft update for Thrones of Britannia. The patch was deployed towards the end of 2018 and introduced a number of improvements as well as some new content to the game, including two new settlement maps. We’re really pleased to hear that it’s made a positive difference to so many players’ experiences.

If you haven’t already, make sure you watch this review of the update from HForHavoc. Over the holidays, the team monitored player feedback and put out a small follow-up update that included a few additional fixes early this year.

During the next few months we’ll be keeping a watchful eye on Thrones and how the update is working out while the Saga team switches gears to begin laying the groundwork for the next Saga title.