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    This was released more than a decade ago. It's probably the last of the Rainbow Six series in which the player plans out the team's movements. It's both a strategic and an fps game.

    This is single-player mode. In this mode, you can set the movement plan of your A.I. teammates. During the fight, you can jump to another A.I. player and take control.

    This is co-op mode.
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    My memories from Rainbow Six games are mostly about the AI turning 180° and headshotting me from 50-100m away in literally a millisecond, like an aimbot. I do admit I didn't play the games extensively, but it was largely owed to these rather frustrating experiences that made me sneaking up to them feel unrewarding.

    Although SWAT 4 had a few similar moments, it felt a lot more realistic in that sense, so I preferred that one back in the day, although the planning was more ad-hoc.

    If you like to plan tactical engagements, I would recommend DoorKickers, though you can't jump into anyone there.

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    I remember the first Rainbow Six Vegas game being absolutely incredible, but punishing. I actually fired it up like a year ago and by god is it punishing. I probably reloaded the same save on the first mission like 4-5 times before I got through it. But I remember that when I played it many years ago being absolutely entranced by it.

    Also +1 for Doorkickers. A really fun game that Ive played for many hours. Mods help a lot and add new missions.
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    Here's a game that's similar to Rainbow Six:


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    Default Re: Rainbow Six 3

    Rainbow Six is free to play this weekend on Steam, by the way, great way to try it out. I kinda really like the game.
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