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Thread: Org Rearrangement

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    Default Org Rearrangement

    Fellow & estemeed Orgahs

    Me and the admin team of @Beskar, @Hooahguy and @therother are doing a little rearrangement of the Org. We are aiming to streamline the first page slightly, to make sure it becomes easier to read and it doesn't have a cluttered look. The changes we are doing are minimal, just slight changes being done, all of the places are being kept in their same place but you will have to access the subforums for that.

    For example - the Hosted Mods have been moved, only their first page links in fact, to the Modification subsections of their respective games. That's pretty much it! Nothing has been deleted, nothing will be, all has just been rearranged for a better TW Org look overall.

    We will be doing more tweaks and changes, and some updates to our favourite corner of the internet as the time goes.

    Thank you!
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