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Thread: EB2 Crashes during Battles.

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    Default EB2 Crashes during Battles.

    Hello all,

    Been lurking this website for years about anything M2TW and now I'm here.

    So anyways, I've finally decided to download EB2 to try it out. Followed the instructions and so far the game starts correctly and everything! I've tried with multiple factions and even custom battles, as soon as the units enter engagement the game crashes. I've tried looking at the logs for the error source and the file is always empty. I've tried redownloading M2TW and EB2 and the same problem still occurs. I've even set M2TW as the administrator and included LAA. I don't know why this problem is continuing. I've played Stainless Steel and TATW as well with no problems.

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    Default Re: EB2 Crashes during Battles.

    Without a log, it's very difficult to diagnose what might be going wrong.

    Do you have Kingdoms patched to v1.05?
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    Default Re: EB2 Crashes during Battles.

    Sorry to necropost, but I'm also running into this issue, except the only units causing this are Pantodapoi under Ptolemaioi and Ragil Tiamat under AS


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